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IN PROGRESSCome back to Digital World! Return of Tamers event

Welcome Back to the Digital World, Tamer!

For the Tamers who have been away for 3+ months and returned, we prepared special gift.
This event will last until you finally return to DMO! Dive back into Digital World! Right Now!

* The gift will be automatically sent into the Cash Warehouse, when you log into the game.
* The period of ‘3 months’ is as of 10th, May. For example, if you have not logged 
  in since 10th, Feb or earlier, then you are eligible to receive the gift. 

[Content of Welcome Back Box]

- The gift can be received once per account only. (important)
- All reward items in the Gift Box are character bound, and cannot be traded.
- The gift could be changed due to service schedule & circumstance.



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  • TheBestTalker159[08-15-2019 07:43]

    didnt receive mine rewards. Server Lucemon Tamer: SKTstalker

  • burakyx2[08-15-2019 05:52]

    didnt receive it as wel. I got a different welcomeback gift with only 1 mega reinforced clonse set. Omegamon NewTry2017

  • Merinos0[08-15-2019 04:57]

    I didn't receive this rewards. Server: Lucemon. Tamer: Merinos

  • HPJUNIO[08-15-2019 00:11]

    I did not receive my rewards, spent 3 months without playing, logged in today and nothing. Server : Lilithmon. Tamer : YingYang

  • theoszayx[08-14-2019 23:08]

    Hello, I left the game about 4 months ago and recently I returned and received nothing (being more specific I left approximately in April) how can I receive the gift? Beforehand thank you very much

  • dodanto884[08-14-2019 23:07]

    I didn't receive this rewards. Server: omegamon. Tamer: Yeopo.

  • xXxGranxXx[08-14-2019 22:31]

    I didn't receive this rewards. Server: Leviamon. Tamer: xHirotox.

  • DeathParade12[08-14-2019 19:44]

    i didnt not get my welcome back gift either user kingkn1ght server BeelzeBumon

  • KinGChAoOoS[08-14-2019 13:22]

    I did not receive the rewards, server leviamon name: lTKl

  • dudupsiko[08-14-2019 10:54]

    Não recebi o presente server leviamon

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