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CLODESYesterday Once More: Pick Your Best-Ever Cash Items!

- Poll : 2016.05.09(Mon) 12:00 – 2016.05.27(Fri) 12:00 (all time at GMT+9)
The GMs are always wanting to hear you!     
To have your thoughts and opinion, Poll Event is on!     

You will pick one item from Cash Shop in the past: you choose your favorite one ever.    
After the 1st place is decided, Tamers who voted for the item will have chance to get 
the Cash item.       
One Hundred Tamers will be drawn to receive the reward for absolutely free!    

Plus, we, GMs, will push to add the item for July Update(19 July)! 
Watch we make it POSSIBLE.    

- How to vote    
  1. Check the event details here again.    
  2. Go to Community > Poll    
  3. Think about your favorite items OR one you want    
  4. Make a vote!    

  1. You could check View Result and bet on the winning option: higher chance to get the item!    
  2. If you have any option for the old Cash items, add Comment and ask GMs for it.    

- Winner Announcement: 2016.06.08 (check Notice)     

- Note    
  1. You can make one vote per account.(Choose carefully: no turning back!)    
  2. The event reward will be sent to Gift & Reward Item Storage by 7th,  
     Jun during the maintenance.    
  3. The event reward is tradable between you and other Tamers.    
  4. If the item is not a single piece, the one item from the options will be sent by random.
     For example,    
When “A5. [All DATA items 50% off]” takes the 1st place, Tamers who had voted for A5 and 
been drawn will receive one of the Data items randomly like:
    [Dragon Mid Class data x 30] for 10 Tamers
    + [Fire Mid Class data x 30] for 10 Tamers
    + [Aquatic Mid Class data x 30] for 10 Tamers …
    = 100 Tamers have 1 item each (we don’t know who gets which!) 

If you have a question about this, please let us know!



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  • gambler[05-22-2020 19:00]

    Digi aura (Permanent) Tamer : AllukaZoll Server : leviamon

  • Foxygamer3210[07-30-2018 01:33]

    Jogress Perm xAshiro Server omegamon

  • jeanmuleque[04-30-2017 10:10]

    kaiser pack / domador: jeanmuleque / servidor: barbamon

  • SuperFnx[04-25-2017 08:11]

    Still waiting on my stuff...Got literally nothing, i was thinking to maybe start playing again, and a new digimon would be a great way to make myself do itTamer: Kynukaia; Server: Lucemon

  • arechiga[11-25-2016 10:51]

    /Servidor: Omegamon

  • Pexxe11[11-24-2016 23:21]

    Jogres (permanent) | Tamer: Pexe | Server: Beelzemon

  • heroboyd76[08-08-2016 10:31]

    Jogres (permanent) Tamer Booody / Server Beelzemon

  • ItikMontok[07-14-2016 08:10]

    Jogres ( permanent ) Tamer : TopTopSync / Server : Beelzemon

  • scotther[07-13-2016 04:55]

    digiaura (permanent) /tamer : kolonieer / server: lilithmon

  • TrUJiZa0[07-02-2016 08:24]

    Jogress (Permanent) /tamer: RbT /Server: Lilithmon

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