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  • 1 Tamer and Digimon Status View

    Check your Tamer's Level, Digimon’s Level, and Fatigue/DS

  • 2 Mercenary Digimon View

    View your Mercenary Digimon's status. You can also change your current partner Digimon.

  • 3 System Message Window

    Check your battle status and tips. Many helpful messages appear in this window.

  • 4 Chat Window

    Check chatting messages such as messages from other Tamers, whispers, and shout.

  • 5 Mini map

    Tamer's location and brief local information displayed. Minimize or Maximize the map as you wish.
    You can also find NPCs on the map.

  • 6 Channel Select Menu

    You can select different channels to play in.

  • 7 Skill / Evolution Shortcut Window

    Arrange frequently used skills or items as you wish. You can also evolve your Digimon using the shortcut key you assigned.

  • 8 Game Menu

    This window has game menu buttons such as Inventory, Quest List, Friends List, and Option.