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GAMEKING.COM's Customer Support is available 24 hours.
You are most welcome to submit your inquiry using language by clicking the language bar at the top right-most part of this page. Click the contact support button below and will do our best to help you.

Submit your Question
  1. From the GAMEKING.COM main page, choose from any of the 5 supported language.
  2. Customer Supper will endeavor to investigate issue ad fast ad possible Please note that there are circumstances which can take 7 working days to resolve.
  3. Select the correct Category to submit the inquiry to the proper team for faster response.
Customer Support Reply
  1. You can get a rely even faster if your request id detailed and have proper supporting data.
  2. A record of your Q&A history is also available in this section.
Not Receiving our Reply?
  1. Please check your registered E-mail address in GAMEKING.COM
  2. Check your E-mail box whether it's full or not.
  3. Some Service Providers may categorize our replies as a spam mail Check your spam mail box for email that has been sent by GAMEKING Customer Support.
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