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Digimon Masters FAQ

The FAQ page lists the more common questions of players. If you have a specific game content question, please select the game option to view the corresponding FAQ Section. Using the Search function can greatly help to find your issue.

41 Payment I cannot charge Crowns in game!

In this case, problem can be happened if your main web browser is Google Chrome.

If you are using Chrome as your main browser, 
then please delete your Cookie and Cache files and try to charge Crown again.

40 Account I would like to change my password, but I don't have access to my email anymore.

If you would like to change your account email address, please complete the form below with correct details and contact our support team.
(Note: We will not change any account details with incorrect informations.)

1. Account information
- Login ID:
- E-mail address which has been registered with Login ID:

2. In-game information (Include informations of 3 of owned Digimons)
- Server:
- Tamer's name:
- Tamer's level:
- Possessed Digimon's name, type, level:
- Possessed Digimon's name, type, level:
- Possessed Digimon's name, type, level:

Example: GameKing (name), Patamon (type), 99 (level)


39 Account Someone hacked into my account and stole/deleted all my stuff! Could you restore them?

Unfortunately, regarding lost items and hacked accounts, Move Games currently does not offer item/character restoration services according to our Operation Policy.

Please visit our official website to review the Operation Policy - Section 6.1, 6.2 and 6.3 for further details:

Furthermore, we strongly recommend you to avoid visiting websites that advertise/display suspicious activities or use of such programs. Also, please do not use the same usernames and/or passwords in your accounts.

It is your responsiblity to remember that account informations are strictly for the user's own safekeeping and we will not be liable for any loss of possessions caused by hacking issues.


For more help, please contact Digimon Masters Online Support Team.

38 Payment Where are my Crowns? I didn't receive my charged Crowns.

For us to help you with your situation, we need detailed informations of you and your payment(s).

Please kindly complete the form below and submit it as a ticket to our support team.

1. When (date & time) did you charge your Crowns?
2. Amount of charged Crowns (50C, 100C, etc.)
3. Account ID & Tamer's name
4. Server (Lucemon, Barbamon, etc.)

37 Game Play I purchased the wrong item. Can I get any restorations for that?

Please kindly be informed that once you have purchased an item in the Item Shop,  it can no longer be returned or exchanged to a new item/Crowns.

Make sure to choose wisely and carefully when purchasing an item.

36 System I'm getting a 'device' error. I can't play Digimons Masters!

To resolve your situation, please follow the procedures below! (Refer to the 'Note' section before proceeding the procedures.)

1. Uninstall Digimons Masters Online.
2. Visit:
3. Download a fresh copy of Digimons Masters Online client. (Main Page -> 'Download' -> 'Game Download')
4. Run 'Disk Cleanup' on your PC. (Directory: Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> 'Disk Cleanup')
5. Reboot your PC.
6. Re-install Digimon Masters Onlien and its patch.


- Make sure to delete the entire folder of Digimon Masters before re-installing.
- Disable 'Antivirus' and 'Firewall' while downloading and installing the game client.


If the problem seems to persist even after trials of the procedures above, please contact our support team.

35 Account I would like to transfer my account/Tamer to a different server.

Please kindly be informed that we are unable to transfer any items, characters and/or accounts from one server to another, as it is what our policy indicates.

34 System I'm getting a Side-By-Side error when running the game.

To resolve your issue, please follow the procedures below.

1. Uninstall Digimon Masters.
2. Navigate to:
3. Download & install the newest version of Microsoft Visual C++ 
4. Navigate to:
5. Download a new copy of the game client (Main Page -> 'Download' -> 'Game Download').
6. Run 'Disk Cleanup' on your PC (Windows Directory: Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> 'Disk Cleanup').
7. Reboot your PC.
8. Re-install Digimon Masters Online and the updated patch.

33 Account Why am I blocked for bug exploitation?

If you abuse a bug in the game without reporting it directly to us or on the 'Bug Report' page, you are a subject of ban. The duration of ban may vary.

32 Account How do I sign up?

Follow the steps provided below to register a new account:

1. Visit our official website:

2. Click on [Sign Up] on the main tab.

3. Agree with our User Privacy Policies and the Service Agreement.

4. Fill out required informations.

5. Confirm.


If you experience difficulties signing up, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

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