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Battle System

While in the field, Battle mode starts when a non-aggressive monster gets attacked or an aggressive monster attacks. Battles will be fought by the partner and/or mercenary Digimon fighting against a monster Digimon. The tamer doesn't directly participate. However, the tamer can use Digi soul(DS) to boost their partner and mercenary Digimon's abilities and also use various skills that are helpful in battle. When the battle is finished, the partner and mercenary Digimon are automatically summoned back to the tamer.

The course of the battle

  • 1. Finding monster Digimon

    When you left click on a monster Digimon in the field, you can see the monster's name and HP on screen.
    If you don't want to click on the monsters, you can press the Tab key and it will auto-select monsters
    near you.

  • 2. Attacking monster Digimon

    You can attack monster Digimon either by double clicking or using the shortcut key. When your partner or
    mercenary Digimon uses Short-Range attack skills, you should get close to the monster Digimon then attack.
    You can also attack from a further distance by using long range attack skills.

  • 3. End of the battle

    During battle, damage inflicted is shown as a number above the partner, mercenary Digimon, or monster
    Digimon. A red number is the damage inflicted to the monster Digimon, yellow indicates the damage that
    your partner or mercenary Digimon received.
    When the Monster Digimon is defeated, the Tamer and his/her partner or mercenary Digimon earn EXP.
    Also, the Tamer can obtain items dropped by the monster by clicking on the item.

  • 4. Battle immobilized status

    While in battle, if the HP of the partner or mercenary Digimon becomes 0, then its status becomes battle
    immobilized. When that happens, motion is unavailable and you will see a warning message in the upper
    screen. You are unable to resurrect on the spot when you are battle immobilized.
    You are automatically transfered to a nearby town. You should be aware of the EXP penalty when your
    status is battle immobilized once you reach Tamer Lv 5, and Digimon Lv.11.


DS is the energy used by the partner or mercenary Digimon in order to maintain its evolved status or to use
skills. Each of the 3 tamers has different DS capacities. DS increases as the Tamer, partner and mercenary
Digimon level up. DS gradually recovers when not in combat. You can also accelerate the recovery by using
certain items.


Partner and mercenary Digimon have their own combat skills. Depending on the Digimon's inclination, skills
are divided into short-range attacks and long-range attacks. In the beginning, Digimon have only one skill
available. But as you level up, a new skill is added every 5 level-ups. Skills can be used either by using
short-cut keys or by clicking on the skill icons. Using skills consume a certain amount of the Digimon's DS.


As partner and mercenary Digimon level up, evolution makes them more powerful.
When evolution has occurred, it is easier to win against an enemy as you gain more strength in HP.
Partner Digimon evolve to Champion at Lv.11, Ultimate at Lv.25, Mega at Lv.41. Mercenary Digimon evolves
at the same levels as partner Digimon, but there is an evolution limit depending on the class of DigiEgg.
Evolution can occur until Champion when the class of DigiEgg is General, Ultimate when Advanced,
Mega when Rare.

Digimon Attribute

Digimon Masters has 5 kinds of attributes: Neutral(Nu), Data(Da), Vaccine(Va), Virus(Vi) and Unidentified(Un).
Each attribute has favorable or unfavorable effectiveness in battle against other attributes.
The effectiveness chart is Va<Da<Vi,Vc. However, Neutral(Nu) is ineffective against other attributes and
Unidentified(Un) is effective towards every attribute.


Every Digimon has 11 Elements: Fire, Light, Water, Ice, Wind, Thunder, Darkness, Wood, Iron, and Earth.
Each element has the following effectiveness in battle,

(1) Fire<Water<Ice<Fire (2) Wind<Earth<Wood<Wind (3) Iron<Thunder<Darkness<Light<Iron