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  • kuritsuma[07-06-2020 12:53]

    I didn't play for at least a year, and I didn't receive the box, it's not the first time> :(

  • haseomm[06-08-2020 20:52]

    Hello, I haven't played on this account in a long time and I didn't receive anything when I returned. nick: RiverBlood. server: Leviamon. thank you

  • Zeronaisu[05-03-2020 18:33]

    hi, haven't player for more than 5 months and didn't receive any items id: robertogre Server : Barbamon

  • davyf22[05-02-2020 21:43]

    Hi, i have not played for more than 1 year and i didnt receive it, ID: davyf22

  • Schamimi[04-27-2020 08:39]

    Hi, i havent played for almost 7 months and i did not recieve welcome back gift. ID: gdmonc00109 Server: Leviamon

  • Asaneray[04-26-2020 12:34]

    I havent played for 1 year at least and i didnt receive any items. Nick: Stier Server:Leviamon

  • bluejx[04-22-2020 11:01]

    i have yet to receive welcome back gift. IGN: AlphaLord Server:leviamon

  • GJio[04-20-2020 10:52]

    Hi,im from server Leviamon and i dint received any welcome back gift~ ID:jiohao i return to game fews day ago~and quite long time no login almost a years i think~

  • ztvbuster[04-19-2020 22:21]

    hi, im from server Lucemon and i didnt recieved my welcome back gift ID: ztvmaster

  • zaegi[04-16-2020 12:26]

    im from server omega and i didn't receive the welcome back gift ign: gdomnc23677 connected steam

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