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  • SilverxCrow[09-09-2019 12:12]

    I have not received my gift and I have not logged in for approximately 3 years. I've been playing for a week and still don't load anything. Server:Leviamon Nick:sandfafa

  • leeloveslies[09-09-2019 04:32]

    Been away for at least 3 years and didn't get this event.

  • blazelory[09-08-2019 03:54]

    i didn't got that too and i've been away for like 2 years

  • HUeHUeHUe122[09-08-2019 01:56]

    I didnt get the Come back tamer box, i also been away for a half please.. Tamer: CikSiti Server:Lilithmon

  • shinigami10x[09-07-2019 10:57]

    I never got my Jogress Random DigiEggs for the event, Been away for almost 2 years. Tamer: HeadChef Server: Leviamon

  • phantomkenohki[09-07-2019 09:29]

    I didnt get my "Jogress Random DigiEgg lv5 2 ea" reward im been away for almost a year Tamer: NoEch Server: Leviamon

  • jamessprouse[09-06-2019 13:32]

    i didn't get anything either and ive been away for a bit server:leviamon nick: Zachy

  • atakankor[09-06-2019 06:20]

    I didn't get my rewards. Server: Leviamon Nick: noximilien

  • juanses01[09-06-2019 06:04]

    No recibi Jogress Random DigiEgg lv5 2 ea y jogress chip 30 dias :/ (OMEGAMON / Juanch45)

  • BurstNeoFalcon[09-05-2019 18:08]

    i did not get the jog eggs etc. Tamer:NGFalcon Server:Omegamon i have been away of the game for a long time and just came back pls fix.

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