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  • danior17[09-20-2019 02:06]

    i didn't receive my box :C i was afk since may and i return today but the box wasn't there, Takuya17 Server:Beelzemon

  • danielkennedy2015199[09-16-2019 03:31]

    Não recebi nenhum prêmio Estou sem logar desde apartir de setembro de 2018 Domador: ClacklKent Servidor: Leviamon

  • Niddhoggrr[09-15-2019 19:26]

    I didn't receive the rewards and I stop play the game in 2017. Can you check this for me? Server: Barbamon, Tamer: ShikiOuji

  • davidmancillaleon98[09-15-2019 12:06]

    how can I know when was the last time I loguedd?

  • ponicorniosalvaje[09-15-2019 05:43]

    I dont received my rewards Tamer:Frappecopito Server: Lilithmon

  • jonataspqd22[09-12-2019 19:13]

    Oi , eu nao recebi as rescompensas .. servidor omegamon meu apelido e Jnnt

  • astrallink3[09-11-2019 20:24]

    hey i dont get the prices why? my account is marcusbest serve lucemon

  • NatsuBankai[09-11-2019 19:23]

    Hi i didnt get the rewards and ive not logged in since january i believe. Server is Leviamon and my nickname is RoronoaNatsu

  • selecen2046[09-11-2019 08:00]

    Geri dönüş ödüllerini alamadım lütfen yardım barbamon/SecondLife

  • atakankor[09-11-2019 03:58]

    please, I didn't get my rewards. Server: Leviamon Nick: noximilien

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