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IN PROGRESSCome back to Digital World! Return of Tamers event

Welcome Back to the Digital World, Tamer!

For the Tamers who have been away for 3+ months and returned, we prepared special gift.
This event will last until you finally return to DMO! Dive back into Digital World! Right Now!

* The gift will be automatically sent into the Cash Warehouse, when you log into the game.
* The period of ‘3 months’ is as of 10th, May. For example, if you have not logged 
  in since 10th, Feb or earlier, then you are eligible to receive the gift. 

[Content of Welcome Back Box]

- The gift can be received once per account only. (important)
- All reward items in the Gift Box are character bound, and cannot be traded.
- The gift could be changed due to service schedule & circumstance.



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  • SeKtoR59[08-17-2019 18:40]

    i did not receive the rewards. Server: Leviamon, Tamer: GooDoftheTR

  • abacaterusso[08-17-2019 05:54]

    i did not receive the rewards. Server: Lucemon, Tamer: Fistook

  • DemonBane125125[08-16-2019 22:05]

    nice thing is, i come back and log-in from a long pause and everything expires insta :D and also got no x2 Digiegg Lv5 :D what a surprise, eh ?

  • avenliu[08-16-2019 16:21]

    Hello game master or the crews. I have requested to reset my 2nd password for many times. However, I did not receive any email whenever I try to reset. Please Help me.

  • vaper4live[08-16-2019 14:25]

    Still haven't got my welcome back box. Would be nice to get one for a change. Everytime I come back from a break from the game I never get one when the event is on. Server : Omega Tamer : Xerda

  • zane0007[08-16-2019 14:16]

    I contacted support , explaining my situation. Their reply if you logged in before the event period you will not get the item. The "event" is posted on 2016 !! How can i not get the reward it's 2019 !

  • leobis789[08-16-2019 13:26]

    I did not receive the rewards, Server: Omegamon, Tamer: mazafasio

  • yasdebi[08-16-2019 10:31]

    I did not receive the rewards, Server: Leviamon. Tamer: yasdero

  • UpgradeXXX[08-16-2019 08:18]

    I logged into the server lucemon and I did not win an item look that was without pc from December then was from December without login

  • KotStulle23[08-16-2019 01:00]

    Havn't logged in since April, but didn't received any Return Gift.. Would be great if u would send it to me. // Server: Leviamon ; Tamer: Yusaii

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