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  • Awesomedigimon560[09-29-2019 02:55]

    I came back today and didn't receive the welcome back package even though I have been off for many months Server: Omegamon Nick: Exoris

  • Kir22[09-29-2019 00:27]

    i came back today and i didn't receive the welcome back package server : lucemon nick : Naga312

  • everson13579[09-28-2019 08:34]

    i came back yesterday but i didn't get i need lucemon nick everson server

  • B2LFOX[09-27-2019 23:02]

    been off for a year and came back online today. no event items recieved server: Lilithmon nick: B2LFOX

  • pamlau[09-27-2019 21:05]

    I haven't logged in the game since 6/26/2019, today is 9/27/2019 and I didn't receive my come back package My nick:Pamlau (Omegamon)

  • Kreyzen[09-27-2019 16:55]

    I came back today and got no pack. server: Lilithmon nick: Pio

  • CHIP303[09-27-2019 16:53]

    Didn't get my welcome back box and I didn't play for like 4 months now... Can you do anything about that? Its first time that I didnt get anything for like 6 years play. Tamer: CHIP303 Server: Lucemon

  • Tezozomoc[09-27-2019 14:54]

    Gameking, i never received my welcome back box, i really wanted to return to play again :/ Tamer: Tezozomoc Server: Barbamon

  • iTuunTz[09-27-2019 09:28]

    Eu não jogo desde maio desse ano, desde o dia 30 de maio, e voltei a jogar agora no dia 26 de setembro e não recebi a caixa. Esquerdista - Lucemon

  • lewi1[09-27-2019 08:26]

    been off for a while but never got this? Also just downloaded that power rangers rush for a code i never got and a crown charge i made the other day isnt coming up. mostly want my crowns i payed for

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