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  • erwincopz[01-22-2021 17:34]

    aox awaken? are u kidding me? its not official digimon. u mod this digimon. wtf is this. Like link alter S become alter B, are u insane? zd evolve to alter B, not from alter S dude. Gold digger game

  • kikim1[01-09-2021 22:02]

    This game is dead. No answer on Support Tickets, unfairly banned for nothing and don't making a good ''In-game enviroment''. Many Bots are around this game XD. Sad how you don't ban them Gameking.

  • holunging[01-09-2021 12:29]

    agree.....where the 7 day Answer the question? lol atleast tell us, we wont fix it. f.k u, or u like blizzard : are u thankful? xdd

  • holunging[01-09-2021 12:27]

    agree.....where the 7 day Answer the question? lol

  • lolol007[01-09-2021 09:52]

    Fix my account why now when play this game getting more Errors just playing 2 weeks ago and get Errors why Gameking Are you Lazy when all people don't Answer the questions ??????😡😡😡 🤬🤬

  • holunging[01-09-2021 06:59]

    fix kaiser quest bug plz, no npc

  • ririduff[01-07-2021 15:04]

    is it true the reason we got 4 new digi in december its be sure if a day we must buy only essential products and to give us little chance to get them before it happend?

  • fyex0[01-07-2021 01:12]

    Fix Sleipmon skills,they are bug and freez the game!

  • kikim1[01-05-2021 14:53]

    Unban all Players in the Game and give them a new Chance, to play normal as before.

  • bigdump[01-05-2021 00:15]

    ok this game unfortunately gonna kill itself, please stop care just about money, make this game fun again, not a gamble party

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