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  • megacharizard30[12-30-2020 01:58]

    I agreed with Rifiransyah21. Which is why I cannot get response from scamking. :V For your info, I no longer spend money on this game anymore!

  • jaro[12-30-2020 00:50]

    Nice New Year Events :D

  • kimthania[12-29-2020 23:42]

    Cómo pasó desde que me banearon y me devolvieron la cuenta una semana, la cual dije se solucionó ... Cómo sabe alguien que compra que está clonado, necesitamos un nuevo sistema de compra y venta

  • Rifiransyah21[12-29-2020 22:00]


  • Rifiransyah21[12-29-2020 21:58]

    The last i just wanna say, don't ever spending your money to this fucking item in this game. Don't support this game if gameking self don't care to the players. If the next years still like this, 🖕

  • Rifiransyah21[12-29-2020 21:53]

    And for you move games, if you just only think about money, soon this game will be bankrupt and they don't trust you anymore to develope or taking over game. Ouh gameking, this game will be next trash

  • Rifiransyah21[12-29-2020 21:44]

    Guys if you all read my comment, please don't ever top up or buying the item using crown. Don't support this game, the developer also don't care to us, just see about the update, bugs, q&a, hack issue

  • mettmaxcor[12-29-2020 20:31]


  • chermeryt[12-29-2020 19:15]

    and ordinemon? ;v

  • damianster[12-29-2020 15:36]

    My steam account Is bugged in dats Center AND gets insta dc... From 3 days ago... So something... You are wasting my membership, id card and clothes.... Should i Starr legal actions?

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