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  • brolytemoc[12-29-2020 11:14]

    Osea cual es el evento? gastar dinero? GameKing ve tu evento no hay nada que hacer en el juego, salvo gastar gastar todo el evento son puras promociones en la cash shop no mames es un juego recuerda

  • Darkpercival[12-29-2020 10:27]

    Its not fun anymore, the developers just want money from adding some trash item and not fixing bug, if the Game Master ready my comment i just want to say FUCK YOU !! Give it back to JOYMAX HAHAHA

  • Darkpercival[12-29-2020 10:21]

    Its always about money

  • CVic[12-29-2020 09:49]

    My Q&A still not answered after more than 3+ months and I bet the npc error for Lost Historic Site Normal is still on. GreedyKing Really is Lazy and blind with their Dollar for eyes.

  • ranr[12-29-2020 09:40]

    Please FIX kaisergreymon jogress quest bug in silver lake.. i can't see ophanimon because i already get that mastemon quest huhu. Please fix sir.

  • castellrmz[12-29-2020 09:40]

    Get 2 betas for 1 meta digi, of course Game developers already are dry of his brains... GL with the closing of the game

  • castellrmz[12-29-2020 09:37]

    Their brains are already dry, isn't it?

  • amostrado[12-29-2020 09:33]

    você não pode simplesmente liberar o susanoo do kaisergreymon e pronto e, sem pressa, mudar a missão para outro jogador, porque estou esperando há meses para completar a missão magna garurumon, e

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