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FINISHED[GM Event] WANTED! Looking for a DMO Photographer!! (Event Period Expanded)

[GM Event] WANTED! Looking for a DMO Photographer!!

Hi Tamers! This is Dats Center.

Have you visited the Dats Center?
The Data Center is snowing now!
Also decorated with snowman and trees!
Christmas is coming!

I, GM... We aren’t exactly master photographers... (Sob)

(Is that snow or salt....? I’m not as talented as some of you guys in photography..)

Soooo~ WANTED! We are looking for a great photographer!

Please take a picture of the Digimon Masters Online world in full of winter atmosphere as well as the Data Center!
Even taking pictures with Digimons are OK! It is also OK to take pictures with guild members!

#GM Event) WANTED! We are looking for a great photographer!

[Period] 23rd, Dec (Wed) ~ 27th, Dec (Sun) 30th, Dec (Wed)

[How to participate]
1. Please take a picture of the Digimon Masters Online world enveloped by the winter atmosphere.
2. Post your screenshot on the Board according to the form.

- Screenshot Register form to the Facebook
1) Put [GM Event in front of the title!
ex) [GM Event] Participating in Event ‘Winter Photo’~

2) Please write the server, tamer name, and comment in the content! If you write the description of the work sensibly,
the chance of winning will increase!

Tamer name:

Click here to Register on the Facebook Page!

[Event Reward]

* Reward will be given on the next maintenance*

Thank you!

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  • colln[01-05-2021 15:08]

    hi do you now how to get me in to the game

  • NewDevio[12-30-2020 20:39]

    Hello, i did not get any participation award, Server: Beelzemon Tamer: Hataw

  • rubendario11[12-30-2020 10:20]

    hello it keeps giving me the error I already tried several times and it gives me an error when trying to send the screenshot

  • kinggamelover[12-28-2020 18:16]

    When are we getting new server ? or connected servers ?? cuz this game is pay to win now you basicly cannot play if you do not pay i dont wana play with 100 ppl on server where there is no economy ??

  • ooOInfInItyOoo[12-28-2020 12:17]

    can't even submit on the fan art section.... always error

  • Rifiransyah21[12-28-2020 01:31]

    Just ban, who used the bot and cheat at verdandi, fiw, maze is very annoying. And upgrade about the shop, buy with tera item is price police than the crown

  • kanepunk[12-26-2020 17:37]

    Error when uploading the photo!!!

  • megacharizard30[12-26-2020 05:11]

    Dead game. :V Go sleep

  • rubendario11[12-26-2020 03:53]

    sorry but I can't send the screenshot and the event consists of sending it, how do I?

  • megacharizard30[12-24-2020 22:32]

    There's no point to playing this game if GM support can't response your tickets. :V Just closing this game.

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