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  • gaster[01-03-2021 17:42]

    Please join the cause! http://chng.it/RNtxRkXBQ4

  • holunging[01-01-2021 07:43]

    please fix KaiserGreymon quest bug!!! no npc ophanimon , i cant complete my quest!!!!!!

  • alphamon1000[12-31-2020 16:53]

    probably 0.1% chance to get new AOA just like OX don't try that shit, not worth. Anyway they wont probably stop releasing the gambling box since gambling IS LEGAL in SOUTH KOREA

  • kimthania[12-30-2020 16:07]


  • kimthania[12-30-2020 15:55]

    Pensar que comenzó como un juego de Digimon, ahora es un juego de azar con ticket desde 3us$ hasta 20 us$ ... Para un nuevo año http://chng.it/S9VvQ9ppWL

  • aiefodagk[12-30-2020 13:41]


  • Sabriel95[12-30-2020 04:35]

    ...another paid system to check if the item is fair or not? Stop going towards the money or you will lose the players ... Go towards the players and the money will come.

  • Sabriel95[12-30-2020 04:35]

    how do I know if I am buying an "fair" item when even you don't know it? How do I avoid getting banned by being the victim of a scam I have no idea about? Or maybe you are planning to introduce ...

  • Sabriel95[12-30-2020 04:34]

    Your new shopping message is a literal admission of guilt. You can't fix the bug, so you ban both the buyer and the seller. Start paying attention to what your players write ...

  • Dr0cel[12-30-2020 03:22]

    How do I know if an item is cloned or not? This issue must be resolved by you, it is a mistake of the company, not of the players, this method of throwing the blame on the client is illegal and it fit

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