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  • tamer 1
    1 Tamer

    Tamer's information is shown in the Tamer's tab. You can check the equipped items, Tamer's stats and intimacy with your partner Digimon.

  • tamer digivice 2
    2 Digivice

    Shows Mercenary menu, tamer's skill, and
    chipsets equipped to Digivice.

  • tamer skill3
    3 Skill

    Displays your Tamer's skills.


  • digimon1

    Shows Digimon's information such as level and its size. You can also check on the Digimon's type of attack, Attributes, Stats, and the evolution tree.

  • digimon skill2
    2 Skill

    Shows Digimon's skills and skill EXP. You can distribute skill points here.

  • digimon attribute3

    Shows the Digimon's attribute and elemental attribute. You can also check which attributes are favorable or unfavorable in the battle.