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There are many quests available in Digimon Masters. These quests are closely connected to the story, and not just for items or BITs. Tamers can experience general story of the game from various quests. You'll probably start your adventure by looking for the NPC with a colored exclamation mark on top of its head. The exclamation mark is displayed when a new quest is available from the NPC. Once you accept and complete a quest, a question mark appears, indicating that you must report your result to finish the quest.

Steps to Complete a Quest

  • 1. Accept a Quest from NPC

    Get closer to the NPC with a green exclamation mark and left click on the mouse to talk.
    Accept a mission given by the NPC.

  • 2. Work on a Quest

    There are various types of quests such as 'Communicating with NPC', 'Hunting monster Digimon', and 'Collecting quest items'. Quests are finally done after reporting the result to the finishing NPC, so don't forget to read the instruction carefully when talking to the NPC. Once you finish your mission, go find the NPC you're supposed to report your result to, then, double click to finally finish the quest. For 'Hunting the monster Digimon' types, check your Quest List and fill up the number of the kills. Again, don't forget to go back to the correct NPC to report your result. For 'collecting quest items' types, hunt down the monsters that drop the quest items.

  • 3. Report to Finish

    Even after satisfying all the requirements for completing a quest, it's not completely done unless you report the result to the NPC. The Red Question mark on top of the NPC means that you have a completed quest to report. Double click on the NPC and choose the quest you have done to finally receive the rewards.

Quest Marks

Tamer's location NPC has a new quest, and it's available for your Tamer.
NPC has a new quest, but it's not available for your Tamer due to the restrictions, such as level requirement and etc.
NPC has a daily quest available for your Tamer.
NPC has a main quest available for your Tamer.
NPC is waiting for you to report the quest you've already completed. Quest will not be completely done unless you report to finalize.
NPC has given a quest to a Tamer and waiting for the result. Tamer is still working on the quest.
NPC has a quest available for your Tamer(Conversation).

Quest List


While in game, you can open the quest list with the short cut key, L  in order to check the quests currently you're involved with.

  • 1Check the box 'Helper' to leave the quest summary window always open on the right side of your screen.
  • 2Click on a quest from the list to read a detailed description.