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  • 1 Zoom Out / In

    Zoom out or zoom in the minimap.

  • 2 Map reading

    Clicking on the magnifier shaped icon on the top-left corner will open the map. Once the map is opened, you can view more details about the location. By clicking on the arrow on the top-left corner, larger areas that cover the current location can be viewed. This will let you give you an overview of the locations and help you plan your routes.

3 Find NPC

Click 'N' on the bottom-left corner of minimap to open the NPC list. Select the one you want to find and click Search button. You'll be guided to where the NPC is.

4 Boss Time Table

You can check information of the time when the boss monster will appear in your current location.

Minimap Icon
Tamer's location Tamer's location Tamer's location is marked as a white dot.
Yellow triangle coming from the white shows the direction of view.
New Quest New Quest Shows the location of NPC looking for help. This indicates that a new
quest is available.
Daily Quest Daily Quest Shows location where you can get a repeatable quest.
Completed Quest Completed Quest Shows location where you should complete the quest by reporting
a result and receive rewards.
Mercenary Hatchery Mercenary Hatchery Place for hatching Mercenary Digimon from the DigiEgg.
Scan/Return DigiEgg Scan/Return DigiEgg Shows location where you scan/return DigiEgg.
Storage Storage Shows location of storage where you keep your items.
Portal Portal Shows Portal, the passage between maps.