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  • Option Window
    Option Window

    You can customize your settings from the Option Window.

  • Interface
    1 Interface

    Customize the display settings for Monster & NPC names, Speech bubbles and etc.

  • Graphic
    2 Graphic

    Change graphical configurations as you like, and choose between full screen and window modes to your preference.

  • Sound
    3 Sound

    Sound on/off, and volume control is available at Sound Setting.

  • Shortcut
    4 Shortcut

    There are default shortcut keys already set for you, however, you can always change the shortcut keys as you like. Check the default setting below.

  • Logout & Game Exit
    5 6 Logout & Game Exit

    You have 4 seconds to cancel logging out or exiting from the game.

C Tamer F Friends List
V Digivice M Local Map
K Tamer Skills Tab Target Enemies Nearby
Z Digimon Z+Ctrl Interface On/Off
I Inventory 1~8 Tamer Slot 1~8
L Quest List F1~F8 Digimon Slot 1~8