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FINISHED[GM Event] Write your resolution!?

Hello Tamers!

Happy New Year!

A new year is upon us!
This year was particularly difficult with COVID-19 impacting all of us in one way or other.
How has everyone been coping thus far?
Witnessing the impact of COVID-19, my 2021 resolution is to become fitter and healthier.
How about you? Do you have a similar resolution in plan?
Make your resolution known and earn a prize!

# [GM Event] Write your resolution!?

[Event Period] 2020. 12. 30 (Wed) ~ 2021. 01. 03 (Sun)
[Community] Gameking/Steam
[How to Participate]
- Comment your New Year’s resolution with the words: “Happy”, “New”, and “Year” in your sentence!
- ex)
Accepted – I wish you all a good health and be happy in the coming new year!
Not Accepted –
“Happy new year”
“Happy good year new bye”


※ Rewards will be sent after the 2021-01-12 (Tues) maintenance

- Please do not alter the COMMENT FORMAT listed above. You may be disqualified otherwise.
- Please do not write profanity in the comment. Your comment will be deleted and you will be disqualified.
- If you change your Tamer name before the reward date, you may not be able to receive the reward.
- You may enter only ONCE PER ACCOUNT. (If you enter more than once, we will treat the last comment as the final comment.)
- If more than 300 entries are entered in the event (PROPER ENTRIES; PROFANITIES WILL NOT BE COUNTED), everyone will receive GM EVENT BOX x 3
- Winners shall be drawn from a raffle

Let’s all wish for a better and safer 2021! Hope to see all different sorts of wishes in the comment box!

Thank you.

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  • sangreluis28[12-30-2021 10:59]

    I wish you all a good health, love and good luck in the coming new year! keep safe brothers

  • toewordmsdkfhasjrhgj[04-26-2021 17:24]

    wish you all happy new life

  • toewordmsdkfhasjrhgj[04-26-2021 17:24]

    wish you all happy new life

  • BakaKitsune[04-20-2021 15:11]

    I hope everyone has a happy life and a new year filled with success and excitement.

  • obitoxl[04-20-2021 14:12]

    wish you all a good health and be happy in the coming new !

  • dan3621[04-20-2021 07:11]

    Hello to every tamer out there, i wish you all an excellent year full of happy faces in this new year, lets continue enjoying the digiwolrd together!!!

  • 198922[04-20-2021 04:30]

    feliz año novo a todos domadores deste juegos maravilloso

  • blackcat150391[04-15-2021 08:04]

    Feliz año nuevo Digimones Espero k esteis bien por el tema covid y seais fuertes como son nuestros digimones

  • 5tharlus[04-12-2021 23:38]

    Feliz ano novo galera

  • KiritoMale[04-11-2021 17:01]

    Feliz Ano Novo a todos os domadores deste jogo maravilhoso.

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