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  • fabiopdf1[01-17-2021 14:58]

    My resolution in this happy new year is staying drunk and playing Dmo as well

  • Dragonzbane[01-15-2021 18:10]

    Happy new year to all hope you have a better one this year

  • FoxReckless[01-13-2021 16:55]

    my resolution for this year is getting a good work,help my families and nearly friend,care take myself cuz this pandemic thing.

  • opom12[01-13-2021 13:46]

    I wish you all good health and be happy in the coming new year!

  • renamonblueberry[01-13-2021 06:58]

    i wish all the new and awesome tamers out there a great year. i hope we can all find our happieness in eatchother and into our digimon

  • killdragon457[01-13-2021 00:58]

    I wish you all a Happy New Year, lets hope to have a better time this year, wish you all the best of luck!

  • skydeda[01-12-2021 18:32]

    I wish you all the best in this New Year! Manny more cool events like this and I wish for more awesome adventures in the Digimon world! Happy New Year! And thank you GameKing for awesome events :D

  • serinioparker14[01-12-2021 17:51]

    Happy new year to the GAMEKING company and al it’s players. I wish you all a wonderful year full of good health and happiness! May the GAMEKING company be growing bigger and bigger ^^

  • MegaNestorio[01-12-2021 14:05]

    Feliz año nuevo gente!!! Abrazo!!!

  • simocool23[01-12-2021 09:53]

    i wish i win

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