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FINISHEDPromotion: Miracle Accessory & Packages

Hello Tamers, this is DATS Center.

We would like to inform you about the update on 2021.09.23.
Please refer to the information below to avoid any inconveniences.


◎ Event


#01. [Don’t Miss This Burning!] Event

[Duration] After maintenance on 2021.09.23 ~ Maintenance on 2021.10.05


- Event Description
1. EXP + 1000% effect is applied when logged in during the event period.

◎ [Don’t Miss This Burning!] Event Time


◎ Promotion


#01. Ticket to Miracle Accessory on Limited Sale

[Duration] After maintenance on 2021.09.23 ~ Maintenance on 2021.10.05

- Ticket to Miracle Accessory
[Price: [5ea] ▶ 10 C]
20% Discount [Price: [50ea] 100 C ▶ 80 C]
30% Discount [Price: [100ea] 200C ▶ 140 C]


 When scanning Ticket to Miracle Accessory, there is a chance to obtain a ticket of higher level
 If no ticket of higher level is obtained, obtain Digicore 1-9ea according to the level of the ticket scanned

e.g.) Scan Ticket to Miracle Accessory [Level 1] → Ticket to Miracle Accessory [Level 2] or Digicore 1ea
e.g.) Scan Ticket to Miracle Accessory [Level 2] → Ticket to Miracle Accessory [Level 3] or Digicore 2ea

 Maximum level of Ticket to Miracle Accessory that can be obtained is [Level 10].
 Each ticket can be exchanged for the Ring, Necklace, Earring, or Bracelet of the same level by talking to the NPC Magnamon X at DATS Center.

e.g.) Ticket to Miracle Accessory [Level 1] → Miracle Ring [Level 1] or Miracle Necklace [Level 1] or Miracle Earring [Level 1] or Miracle Bracelet [Level 1]
e.g.) Ticket to Miracle Accessory [Level 5] → Miracle Ring [Level 5] or Miracle Necklace [Level 5] or Miracle Earring [Level 5] or Miracle Bracelet [Level 5]
e.g.) Ticket to Miracle Accessory [Level 10] → Miracle Ring [Level 10] or Miracle Necklace [Level 10] or Miracle Earring [Level 10] or Miracle Bracelet [Level 10]

※ Unused Ticket to Miracle Accessory, from [Level 1] to [Level 10], are all deleted 2 weeks after the promotion ends (Maintenance on 2021.10.19). NPC Magnamon X is deleted on the same day as well.

Please use up the items before the deletion date, and be reminded that there will be no compensations or recovery for items deleted in this manner.


#02. Accessory Enchantment Package on Limited Sale

[Duration] After maintenance on 2021.09.23 ~ Maintenance on 2021.10.05

- Accessory Enchantment Package
[Price: [1ea] ▶ 149 C]
- Option Change Stone 20ea
- Number Change Stone 10ea
- Amazing Digitary Power Stone 5ea
- Amazing Renewal Increase Stone 10ea
Fortune Cookie 2ea


#03. Amazing Stone Box on Limited Sale

[Duration] After maintenance on 2021.09.23 ~ Maintenance on 2021.10.05

- Amazing Stone Box [Price: [1ea] ▶ 49 C]
- Amazing Renewal Increase Stone 10ea
- Amazing Digitary Power Stone 5ea

That’s all for promotion and events.
Thank you.


◎ Update and Bug Fixes

- Security Improvement
- Server/Channel stabilization
- Game DB organization/backup
- Fixed the bug that caused the game to crash when moving with Palmon X as the partner Digimon

Thank you!

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  • messikapogenio[10-03-2021 20:04]

    hello gameking I wanted to know if there would be any possibility of unbanning my account for almost 3 years my account has been banned just because I was in a guild that the majority were all boatmen

  • holunging[09-29-2021 08:37]

    wow, u delete my message? fk u, i just say u havent ban all bug hacker, look the colo board, we cant get the coin soon, all playing colo hard

  • chenpoying[09-29-2021 07:57]

    why steam hack and bot players not got banned?

  • MakinoX[09-29-2021 03:46]

    Solo gente pendeja defiende este juego, absurdo.

  • jizoc[09-28-2021 15:35]

    Davidalbu, i fully agree! 0d1n, nice dude! Now you're going to play the game pretty much alone, but unfortunately not for long, as he's about to go broke.

  • 0d1n[09-28-2021 14:39]

    Hi Gameking! Thank you for banning existing players who abuse the bug! However people such as VesiculeFour have used other methods using C+ in injecting Digimon. Illegal SSS+ users are hiding archives

  • starky[09-28-2021 14:24]

    Third... They went vacation for 2 weeks.... 2 weeks time to give temptation to all players to do the bug by purchasing data transfer... Lastly ban... They actually earned alot

  • starky[09-28-2021 14:07]

    Well.... For me the best still seraphi.... Hahaha miss those old days... Lucemon raid... Well....

  • jizoc[09-28-2021 13:47]

    I agree with modidi. At first I didn't want to use this bug, after a long time I realized that GK wasn't taking any steps to fix it and most players were using it, so I decided to use it too.

  • starky[09-28-2021 13:41]

    How about steam player? Are they ban?

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