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FINISHEDPromotion: Miracle Accessory & Packages

Hello Tamers, this is DATS Center.

We would like to inform you about the update on 2021.09.23.
Please refer to the information below to avoid any inconveniences.


◎ Event


#01. [Don’t Miss This Burning!] Event

[Duration] After maintenance on 2021.09.23 ~ Maintenance on 2021.10.05


- Event Description
1. EXP + 1000% effect is applied when logged in during the event period.

◎ [Don’t Miss This Burning!] Event Time


◎ Promotion


#01. Ticket to Miracle Accessory on Limited Sale

[Duration] After maintenance on 2021.09.23 ~ Maintenance on 2021.10.05

- Ticket to Miracle Accessory
[Price: [5ea] ▶ 10 C]
20% Discount [Price: [50ea] 100 C ▶ 80 C]
30% Discount [Price: [100ea] 200C ▶ 140 C]


 When scanning Ticket to Miracle Accessory, there is a chance to obtain a ticket of higher level
 If no ticket of higher level is obtained, obtain Digicore 1-9ea according to the level of the ticket scanned

e.g.) Scan Ticket to Miracle Accessory [Level 1] → Ticket to Miracle Accessory [Level 2] or Digicore 1ea
e.g.) Scan Ticket to Miracle Accessory [Level 2] → Ticket to Miracle Accessory [Level 3] or Digicore 2ea

 Maximum level of Ticket to Miracle Accessory that can be obtained is [Level 10].
 Each ticket can be exchanged for the Ring, Necklace, Earring, or Bracelet of the same level by talking to the NPC Magnamon X at DATS Center.

e.g.) Ticket to Miracle Accessory [Level 1] → Miracle Ring [Level 1] or Miracle Necklace [Level 1] or Miracle Earring [Level 1] or Miracle Bracelet [Level 1]
e.g.) Ticket to Miracle Accessory [Level 5] → Miracle Ring [Level 5] or Miracle Necklace [Level 5] or Miracle Earring [Level 5] or Miracle Bracelet [Level 5]
e.g.) Ticket to Miracle Accessory [Level 10] → Miracle Ring [Level 10] or Miracle Necklace [Level 10] or Miracle Earring [Level 10] or Miracle Bracelet [Level 10]

※ Unused Ticket to Miracle Accessory, from [Level 1] to [Level 10], are all deleted 2 weeks after the promotion ends (Maintenance on 2021.10.19). NPC Magnamon X is deleted on the same day as well.

Please use up the items before the deletion date, and be reminded that there will be no compensations or recovery for items deleted in this manner.


#02. Accessory Enchantment Package on Limited Sale

[Duration] After maintenance on 2021.09.23 ~ Maintenance on 2021.10.05

- Accessory Enchantment Package
[Price: [1ea] ▶ 149 C]
- Option Change Stone 20ea
- Number Change Stone 10ea
- Amazing Digitary Power Stone 5ea
- Amazing Renewal Increase Stone 10ea
Fortune Cookie 2ea


#03. Amazing Stone Box on Limited Sale

[Duration] After maintenance on 2021.09.23 ~ Maintenance on 2021.10.05

- Amazing Stone Box [Price: [1ea] ▶ 49 C]
- Amazing Renewal Increase Stone 10ea
- Amazing Digitary Power Stone 5ea

That’s all for promotion and events.
Thank you.


◎ Update and Bug Fixes

- Security Improvement
- Server/Channel stabilization
- Game DB organization/backup
- Fixed the bug that caused the game to crash when moving with Palmon X as the partner Digimon

Thank you!

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  • holunging[09-25-2021 02:45]

    i also old player , but i only have sleipmon X and AOX, i know hard to get X digi, but dont try use bug or hack get it , cuz u dont love digi game, dont play it , u are toxic

  • holunging[09-25-2021 02:42]

    hey fsdfsd45,u get the clon and archive from bug it worng,and ban u cuz u solo dg, i think is u use bug get clon and archive that reason more then solo dg,your mind is twisted,dont cry whne they ban u

  • djokosantosa01[09-25-2021 01:44]

    go check player's deck who have Burst Mode X, Joggres, and Joggres X. To see player who used Data Exchange.

  • AuraAngelic[09-25-2021 01:22]

    i have miracle ring (event) + Quad core ring, but why i cannot making miracle ring special?

  • xxlucasfreitasxx[09-25-2021 00:45]

    I opened 120 lootboox of jesmon x and I couldn't get the item, I had to buy the item with the absurd price from another player. Here comes a bug and people get anything for free.

  • marcobr13[09-24-2021 16:33]

    ty for that 20 gold bananas ^^

  • marcobr13[09-24-2021 16:33]

    that thing like cheat engine works on a online game is unacceptable on 2021, how can you manage a game like that? last time I saw a gm on was doing a shitty event and it was 7 months ago.....btw

  • marcobr13[09-24-2021 16:31]

    my other comment was deleted, do you have time to delete comments but not to fix bugs?? well I can write it again Ill do it shorter now, but will be the same msg, your company and gms are a fking joke

  • ChronostheTitan19922[09-24-2021 14:07]

    Pls bann all players which used this Data Exchange Bug to get SSS+ Digimons like Zeed / Alter B / OX or Zwart D

  • holunging[09-24-2021 12:04]

    i see Omegamon Alter-B / Zwart / aoa/ZeedMillenniummon more then AOX now!!

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