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FINISHEDSeptember-Leading-to-October Promotion

Hello Tamers, this is DATS Center.

We would like to inform you about the update on 2021.09.29.
Please refer to the information below to avoid any inconveniences.


◎ Promotion

Promotion starts from 2021.09.29.

For this promotion, bonus items are given based on the accumulated amount of Crown purchased from 2021.09.29 00:00 to 2021.10.04 24:00. (GMT+9)

◎ [Awesome Purchase Gift Box] Component

※ All items from the event are character bound.
※ Items are awarded in a cumulative manner according to the amount of Crown purchased.
※ However, if you have received the reward items from the Promotion Event above, items purchased during the event cannot be refunded.
※ Reward items will be provided on 10.05 after the regular server maintenance.

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  • ewewewe[10-05-2021 09:12]

    "with no exceptions, are all permanently banned from the game" how could you guys put this sentence in bold? haha

  • Sefh1rO[10-05-2021 07:08]

    speaking of the cheat engine program, those of the stream were still or were banned from all servers

  • Sefh1rO[10-05-2021 07:06]

    Please delete the dash bots that are in different areas of the game one cannot finish the missions since they kill the bosses.

  • tuyulbotak[10-05-2021 04:44]

    Evolution hackers from steam were 100% safe from ban last time, so what about this time? I think I'll move to steam easy cheat NO penalty.

  • ErickDaniel01[10-04-2021 03:55]

    After a massive hacking happened from an old cheat program to modify data in the game. It is not able to think to spend cash in my acc game if it continues. Excessive cash for the rewards

  • ican05[10-03-2021 11:30]

    my character got stuck in D terminal underground summon square. please help me GM. I try another account to enter that terminal and I got disconnected

  • dmophoenix57[10-03-2021 06:00]

    This is why I deleted my accounts the other week, more bullshit cashwalls. Tamer - Roenix / Server - Omegamon

  • ejztcjjykh[10-01-2021 16:23]

    muy bien todo, ahora ponte un jumping de emergencia

  • holunging[10-01-2021 02:43]

    can u ban bug hacker again? they are doing colo hero now, before i can get 40-50 coin, now just 30, we cant get the coin soon, they broke the game

  • xxdiduckxx[09-30-2021 23:38]

    Does "over 3000" include 3000?

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