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  • fredz94[07-27-2021 13:27]

    Is there any manual update download? i cant download the update due to poor launcher. I have fast internet connection but slow when download from dmo launcher

  • alexheng[07-27-2021 13:15]

    Jump Booster[All Area]and Masters Membership Jump Booster[All Area]There is no Digital Area option

  • murkrow[07-27-2021 13:00]

    You must be kidding me. Do something about this Server Full bullshit or let me bring my char to another server.

  • nooo[07-27-2021 12:46]

    trash event like always gameking btw joymax was better in event than you learn some from them please

  • xrealmknight[07-27-2021 12:20]

    Still no Minato DG, AOE skills rebalance and you couldn't bring the gankoomon training center we need content gameking not only new digimons.

  • dmophoenix57[07-27-2021 12:19]

    "Omegemon Server" FULL bullshit AGAIN! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS DOING

  • granpipe[07-27-2021 12:08]

    Chaosmon f2 have a bug, the animation is wrong

  • Strauss94[07-27-2021 11:33]

    Money money, bad event, bad event, trash digi hard to get, trash digi and no way play to win. FUCKK YOUU another 15 days :) Please shut down, stop scamming people.

  • Zangirolimo[07-27-2021 11:32]

    Acabou com meu hype com a DG do Gankoomon, obrigado GK ! Essa DG que ia ajudar os F2P eles não colocam, agora lootbox sai uma toda semana. Sou obrigado a falar, esse jogo aqui tá uma porra !

  • Luan090[07-27-2021 11:30]

    I keep having an error when trying to log into the game, only with VPN I can connect, fix it soon......

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