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  • pauloefv8[07-27-2021 15:15]

    Always full, fix that SERVER unlessGameKing

  • manta13[07-27-2021 15:01]

    Arregla el limite del server omegamon, siempre pasa full, expande tus base de datos, o dale trabajo a gente eficiente que lo resuelva

  • harelisgamer[07-27-2021 14:52]

    Where da fuck is the Gankoomon dungeon!!!! There is not limit for your greed?! I hate this fucking game i wish i knew korean in order to play kdmo. Fuck you gayking.

  • africaboyo[07-27-2021 14:34]

    alsalam alykom , fix crash CsMessage that says some of resorces dose not correspond and change god word in the game by other thing .

  • africaboyo[07-27-2021 14:31]

    alsalam alykom , fix crash CsMessage that says some of resorces dose not corresponds

  • theproplayer2918[07-27-2021 14:23]


  • matias99317405[07-27-2021 14:19]

    Can you please check my Q&A ?? i can't unlock history quests in desert or minato because my quest (mountain covered with darkness) in infinity mountain is bug..

  • ronniebex88[07-27-2021 14:08]

    That we will get the item we want in certain money that we spend. If not stop buying scam boxes people.......

  • ronniebex88[07-27-2021 14:07]

    Stop wasting your money people. I open lot of box but didn't get even a single one. I'm tired of working to gain money and GDMO doesn't even care. GDMo at least give an assurance on us players.

  • Zangirolimo[07-27-2021 13:36]

    The same shit event and loot boxes as always, and where is the Gankoomon DG ?! GOOD WORK G.K. What about the omega server, fix that stupid "Full".

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