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  • ex81[07-27-2021 19:28]

    Couldn't not log onto website to contact support team Q&A because website is saying my account is "potential fraud". wtf?

  • ex81[07-27-2021 19:26]

    I'm not even on omega server and i can't even log on my account. 2 weeks no DMO. keep getting "Unknown System Error occurred, please contact Digimon Masters Online support team with My Q&A section"

  • Kur0kocchi[07-27-2021 19:12]

    nice server full, all times... i haven't been able to play for 2 weeks. pls fix server limit... thx :)

  • sevenofspade[07-27-2021 18:56]

    fix your omegamon server please. How dare you ask me to play another server? I've wasted 500usd on omegamon server !! you think money is a joke huh? btw om playing from steam. !!

  • aogifqya[07-27-2021 16:46]

    Limite de entra serve omega ta 1 bosta como coloca serve nao suporta play que tem

  • marco2512[07-27-2021 16:30]

    Fix Omegamon's Server FULL, omg, will complete one month of that problem. Is ridiculous you tell us to play on another server...

  • Leonardo003[07-27-2021 16:23]

    I can't play on the Omega server!!!!!

  • scro6[07-27-2021 15:47]

    Guys see my tickets PLS

  • qween[07-27-2021 15:47]

    Thanks for the update gameking, I can't wait for the daily Gankoomoon dungeon! Keep up the good work. I hope you guys focus a bit onto macro bots, which is pretty annoying :/ other then that, thanks!

  • PerseusSu[07-27-2021 15:39]

    Why are you so grumpy? Gankoomon DG will be updated next time. We always have time difference with kdmo, don't we?

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