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  • jonstark[06-19-2019 10:06]

    Just Copy Pack01 To The Data.. then Open The Launcher Again then There Fixed!!!

  • lucemonboner[06-19-2019 09:23]

    change your system locale to korea, this can be found in data and time settings under administration, then patch and it wont give an error

  • gatise[06-19-2019 08:54]

    please fix it i like start :c

  • j4son[06-19-2019 08:40]

    ur shit isnt working gameking, fix that

  • j4son[06-19-2019 08:39]

    if i delete a file i can log in, but in 5 minutes the game gets me out because some files do not correspond...

  • Sixtal[06-19-2019 08:13]

    In order to fix that error, u must go to Pack01/Data/Map/RealWorld_R/03_Odaiba/202/Object_Data/Structure and delete the next files: shop_09_block_109_AZ_GA, shop_ad_d_01, shop_dekor, Shops0044_M_GA

  • Sixtal[06-19-2019 08:13]

    Shops0044_Mccc_GA, Shops0044_Mccc_Grayy_GA and Shops0122_1_M_pz. Then execute the launcher and u will be able to play again.

  • joshkitchen[06-19-2019 08:04]

    Can anyone explain how a company can be so incompetent?

  • prince4477[06-19-2019 07:58]

    after u follow their posted method start launcher and wait for error then dont close the error window, search Shops0044 file and delete all 3 files. after this start the launcher, game will run. enjoy

  • gruey1000[06-19-2019 07:43]

    the error posted method is not working, please fix..(ERRO CODE 1)

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