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  • kundoX[06-21-2019 23:20]

    the truth is disappointing that a franchise as big as it is digimon has let one of its most popular games have such mismanagement.

  • xxxtentacle[06-21-2019 23:19]

    I do not does can play game pls fix thanks :3

  • eguix[06-21-2019 23:19]

    OTRO ERROR MAS, que novedad otro error al iniciar sesion, siempre pasa lo mismo y ni respuestas dan. juegan con el tiempo y dinero de todos como si nada

  • Genrryz[06-21-2019 22:53]

    I want to enter the game and it turns out that there is an error when accessing, that I visit the page and there is nothing on the page. Until yesterday I was good, but not anymore

  • blacktensai18[06-21-2019 22:11]

    they don't inform anyone on what is happening and after put events for pay to win players like they will continue with this stupid administration

  • karaclee[06-21-2019 22:09]

    hey, again i can't connected notices appears on my screen

  • blacktensai18[06-21-2019 22:06]

    fuuuck u game programmers can't login says cheach website and at website nothing

  • alleyn94[06-21-2019 21:30]

    Huhuhu... Didn't recieve the costume , now can't login ??

  • samilon[06-21-2019 21:25]

    login server down? -.-

  • handy1241[06-21-2019 21:22]

    why i cant login? it keep saying error, check our homepage

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