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  • LadyZa[06-19-2019 02:41]

    temporarily fix it, go to the folder Pack01\Map\RealWord_R (think that's it)\03_Odaiba\202 \Object_Data\Structure, delete the files Shops0044_Mссс and Shops0044_Mссс

  • LadyZa[06-19-2019 02:40]

    Solucion temporal, vayan a la siguiente ruta Pack01\Map\RealWord_R\03_Odaiba\202\Object_Data\Structure, borren los archivos Shops0044_Mссс y el archivo Shops0044_Mссс

  • mazgerr[06-19-2019 02:39]

    me sigo saliendo el erro tradi de editra y me dice autorisacion denegada otra cosa q no entiendo porq uno logra entrar uno segunda y hay tiendas en city poq aellos no les afecta este error solucion ah

  • KyubiDA[06-19-2019 02:31]

    kiskis, I did delete both even the 3rd one and still get the error about the fonts so.. Just waiting actual patch now.

  • Magnamarc[06-19-2019 02:31]

    The error cant be fixed, every time you edit the file the launcher re-downloads the 411 error file and overwrites the edit.

  • lazzyface[06-19-2019 02:20]

    Why no real fix yet still having issues ?

  • Iringul[06-19-2019 02:20]

    When the rest of Digimon Adventure tamers will be added?

  • neosman2402[06-19-2019 02:18]

    can't find the shop files to delete

  • kiskisbanban[06-19-2019 01:51]

    so that the fonts delete this file Shops0044_Mссс and Shops0044_Msсс and the game will work well for them.

  • luxile[06-19-2019 01:45]

    sige saliendo la misma cosa del error, como nos das esa solucion si no sirbe???

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