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  • 20characteps[06-21-2019 05:04]

    I play by steam and I have the error code 1, please fix it. Several other people are complaining also do something!!!!!!! Please

  • akei124[06-21-2019 04:06]

    Could you fix error code 1 please? How do I fix it?

  • firmanargo[06-21-2019 02:40]

    "Csmessage failed to receive resource data" wth is going on now?

  • EARL27[06-21-2019 02:02]

    hello dmo. your DMO new update seems have a problem again to mine. how to fix Csmessage Creat Font Failed? i tried to redownload your game client but it wont work. Send me msg about how to fix this ty

  • dyogi[06-20-2019 13:50]

    Just want to ask i won a reward in the event in your facebook page last april but until now i haven't got my reward. Please update

  • cherrydew1[06-20-2019 06:32]

    I even had a guy in my party with no seals but had 20k hp die to normal mobs.This shows once agin dmo is clearly going down to pay to play

  • cherrydew1[06-20-2019 06:30]

    There not even tring any more new raid bosses and dungeon 100% shit rewards.And normal mobs are clearly way to strong from what i seen its clearly just more pay to do anything map

  • Ryuzin[06-20-2019 04:44]

    Guys, skip step one (leave pack01 file alone) and just do step 2 and the update will redownload the files with the new patch in it. This gets rid of error 1 and error 4 ( I had both and can play now).

  • gabrielgy[06-20-2019 04:19]

    again "error code: 1" fix the bug pls !!!

  • dark2500[06-20-2019 02:20]


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