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The FAQ page lists the more common questions of players. If you have a specific game content question, please select the game option to view the corresponding FAQ Section. Using the Search function can greatly help to find your issue.

16 Account Why is my name unavailable?

Once a Tamer's name has been created on a server, no one else can possess the exact same name. If a Tamer has been deleted or the corresponding account is banned, the name will be available for anyone else to use again.

15 Account Why was my account blocked for illegal program used?

If you are playing the game with any illegal modifications to the client or normal gameplay.

14 Account Why was my account blocked for Prevention of proper operation?

If you purposely interrupt a GM, Admin, or Mod on the forum or in game during Officaial GAMEKING Business.

13 Account Is buying/selling or trading accounts illegal?

Yes - buying, selling or trading a game account is prohibited by our policies. Please also be informed that all accounts are owned properties of GameKing.

12 Account What is considered an illegal name?

All in game names for a player character can not contain offsenive words or impersonate official GAMEKING employees or in game Monsters and NPCs.

11 Account Is using a modified client illegal?

Any unauthorized modifications applied to the client will result in a 100-year ban. Deleting/reinstalling the client is the only way to clean it and start fresh.

10 Account Why was my account blocked for Account sharing?

Sharing your account is illegal and strongly advised to not do so to avoid account issues.

9 Account Why was my account blocked for chargeback?

If an account has cash that has not been payed for their account will be blocked.

8 Account Can I get my account unblocked for chargeback?

You must report this issue with the cash vendor and pay the debt back if it is possible to be unblocked.

7 Account What is Image Verification?

Image Verification is a program used to prevent account abuse and ease in server connections. *If password has been entered incorrectly 3 times, then the account will be blocked for 10 minutes.

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