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  • redempti0n[02-06-2021 22:18]

    fix kaiser bug quest plzzzzzzzzzzz

  • ririduff[01-20-2021 13:32]

    can you add shoutmon X4 please :3

  • megacharizard30[01-15-2021 17:41]

    Do not playing this game! It's not worthy because Gameking support cannot response back, even after couples of months

  • holunging[01-14-2021 02:06]

    fix kaiser bug quest plzzzzzzzzzzz, u have time to check bot, no time fix bug?

  • Omega0203[01-13-2021 20:21]

    Well to be fair this event compare to the others is not that awful, but is still lacking the free to play rewards from the quest are thrash and there is no way to have the event digimon without money.

  • emanuelf[01-13-2021 19:14]

    pls bring Jump Event again, I want to start the game with this event

  • holunging[01-13-2021 08:05]

    fix kaiser jogress quest bug plz..........bad event....

  • v7[01-13-2021 07:41]

    My answer from the EXP room, its buggy with the kick time, it was 1am and after 1 hours killed all players from the room, but its was 2am not 3am and we have 8:40am now and cant join this. O.o

  • Rifiransyah21[01-12-2021 17:10]

    Last if you not intention to give event like yesterday like a challenge to all players to selfie when christmas, hope new year and you don't give appreciation reward (reward is just a bullshit).

  • Rifiransyah21[01-12-2021 17:04]

    This event is very ridiculous, especially impmon quest at maze. How many players play this game and you give a few impmon to kill for quest, when i do a quest we must kill 50 impmon with a few impmon

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