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FINISHEDGM's Suprise Event of September! Vol. 3

Hello, Tamers!

We hope you had a good time this month (September) with Digimon Masters Online!

Our 'Surprise GM' events will continue in upcoming weekdays! Farewell, September!


Event periods : Sep 26 (Mon) ~ Sep 29 (Thu) - Once a day, "randomly" (GMT+9).

Event details : 
  1. GMs will hide in random areas for 20 minutes just like the previous event (Vol. 2).

  2. Tamers should find the hiding GM and this time, they must bring the same Digimon as the GM's!

    ※ For example, if you found the hiding GM and he/she has Agumon as the Partner (Leader) Digimon,
      You must also bring your Agumon as your Partner Digimon and visit the GM.

    3. GM will check the winners, and will provide the rewards to a total of 10 Tamers.
    Sep 26 (Mon) : GM will hide somewhere in 'Real World' areas.
    Sep 27 (Tue) : GM will hide somewhere in 'File Island' areas.
    Sep 28 (Wed) : GM will hide somewhere in 'Western' areas.
    Sep 29 (Thu) : GM will hide somewhere in 'Glacier' areas

Reward : Sport Ceremony Box * 1

※ Note : 1. GMs will not be providing details of the event in the game game once it begins,
      so please check this notice carefully. GMs will only announce when starting/ending the event.

      2. Depending on the circumstances, the closing time of the event may differ.

      3. Tamers who do not bring the same Digimon as the GM will not be qualified.

      4. List of GM's possessed Digimons will not be announced.

It's a great chance to get quality items with no costs - so find the GM and get the prize!

We are looking forward to this fun event with many Tamers!

Thank you.

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  • dab4n[09-29-2016 20:08]

    pls give me luke gyas give me 15t pls and creonw pls me name is daban2006 pls give me good stef pls man

  • dab4n[09-29-2016 20:08]

    pls give me luke gyas give me 15t pls and creonw pls me name is daban2006 pls give me good stef pls man

  • dab4n[09-29-2016 20:06]

    romano5 find him in wher go to youko anthen he want the gm didt give him anthing hes digimon wes lv 13 how the fuck can gm bee lv 99 wher is he now if find him i find one time he didit give notheing

  • shirohorizon[09-29-2016 12:15]

    NVM fixed had to uninstall and reinstall DMO 4 times but it workes and download redownload client installer

  • shirohorizon[09-29-2016 12:02]

    Welp I've updated my PC and DMO keeps crash why windows do this. Now gotta find another pc to use that is on older verson with worse specs then my desktop so i hope they can fix the launcher crashing

  • marc7000[09-29-2016 11:54]

    Yea gm make some good event like event coin exhcange for an item like 20 coins for perma jogchip , perma aura 20 coins , 20 coins gehenna,25coins adv mira, 1 coin bm random box. Much better event gm

  • irfanthea[09-29-2016 01:43]

    GM, event digi aura event again please, im come back to the game and i miss this event yesterday T.T pleaseeeee

  • cjxy[09-28-2016 18:57]

    give aura many.

  • cjxy[09-28-2016 18:56]

    Can out new digimon?

  • jsalvatore[09-28-2016 12:31]

    what is event pls :S

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