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FINISHEDGM's Suprise Event of September! Vol. 2

Hello, Tamers!

Our GMs will be bringing a surprise event again for you! In order to receive rewards, please make sure to bring the following Digimons below.

The follwing are the details of the event.


Event Period : Sep 19 (Mon) ~ Sep 22 (Thu) - Once a day, "randomly" (GMT+9).

Event details : Tamers should bring their Digimons and find the hidden GM (GMs will hide in random areas).
                   The first '10' Tamers to bring Digimons and request trade to the GM will receive the rewards below.
                   Please kindly note that you must bring the listed Digimons below. You will not be receiving any rewards if you bring wrong Digimons!
    Sep 19 (Mon) : GM will hide somewhere in 'Real World' areas. Bring "Anubimon"!
    Sep 20 (Tue) : GM will hide somewhere in File Island areas. Bring "Kuzuhamon"!
    Sep 21 (Wed) : GM will hide somewhere in Western areas. Bring "KingEtemon"!
    Sep 22 (Thu) : GM will hide somewhere in Glacier areas. Bring "LordKnightmon"!

Reward : Mystery Digiclone Box * 10


It's a chance to get Mystery Digiclone Boxes at no costs at all!
We are looking forward to see many Tamers trying to find us!

Thank you.

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  • sceptilegamer8[09-22-2016 05:54]

    Wait, why you are giving us items that we can get by ourselves without having to spend time and money to get the specific Digimon that you want us to show you?

  • devourlordmon[09-21-2016 21:50]

    GM_V-MON TROLL ME he sucks and no know how to do events WE WANT NOXIGNIX HE IS BETTER GM

  • itophere[09-21-2016 14:01]

    Username in game : Kevin-Krier Server name Barbamon

  • itophere[09-21-2016 13:59]

    Please GM notice me I buy worn of miracle 100% for 150T then I use on my Veedramon to unlock Magnamon then I insert then boom is gone but my Magnamon is lock again please help me 😭😭 :( : c

  • DayWanie[09-21-2016 10:25]

    please give free digicore x5 for every day for one event....

  • DayWanie[09-21-2016 10:23]

    why dont u put any digimon likes "Bring Agumon" for all starter?

  • swordmoon[09-21-2016 03:21]

    pls Next Event get more 1000% boost and back elemon in SCD

  • ahmedmido2100[09-20-2016 21:59]

    thank you in advance but please don`t make a event that would be unfair for all noncash players who depends on hard work only

  • ahmedmido2100[09-20-2016 21:58]

    hi move games i have a suggestion for making the a bit fair as you know the BMs price now is over 20 T so why don`t you add a quest(Daily) permanent and available for all tamers reward: a random Bm

  • leonis67[09-19-2016 21:55]

    Funny how the banner describes the event as "mind bursting, crazy and wild".It'll be much better if at least Game King would read the comments of the players and make events after them.At least try-_-

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