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CLODESThanksgiving Commemoration! 100 Days of Digimon Race


#01. Thanksgiving! 100 Days of Digimon Race

- Period: After maintenance of 12th Nov 2019 ~ 19th Feb 2020

1. About the Event
1) It is a new type of Attendance Event that proceeds for 100 days.
2) Press [E] key to open Event window in game.
3) Click on tab [Daily Check Event] from the Event window.
4) Click on toggle [100 Days of Digimon] below the tab to move to event details.
5) You can collect the reward daily when you connect, for total 100 days.
6) Rewards are rotated at every 07:00 (PST) and can be received when you press [Receive].
7) Reward item(s) will be directly inserted to your inventory when you press [Receive].
8) It cannot be received when your inventory is full. (Try again after making space)

2. Log-in Reward Items for 100 Days

※ All event reward items are character bound.

[Bug Fix]

1. The problem of Tamers in riding mode not being able to go through the portals of Tokyo-Odaiba area has been fixed.
2. The problem of Tamers getting Digimon's Bionic Energy instead of Digital Energy from Odaiba Reward Box [Groundramon] has been fixed.



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  • sechs[11-14-2019 14:00]

    I hove, get Agumon black lvl 5 :'v

  • existentialmacbook[11-14-2019 01:10]

    Odaiba is my City

  • existentialmacbook[11-14-2019 01:09]

    Cunts are getting 100 diggieggs ,and yet they bitch about Moonmilenium , says a lot about the braindead individuals who play this atrocity of a game

  • 125shu[11-14-2019 00:34]

    Steam player still cant go to Venom DG Please Fix that bug

  • cacamon2012[11-13-2019 09:07]

    Add new maps to Jump Booster please

  • Tainoo[11-13-2019 06:23]

    Pretty good event, I just wish Moonmillenniumon was included :/

  • kauabr2[11-13-2019 03:01]

    Mas se eu não entrar em um dia o que acontece?

  • agadethx[11-13-2019 02:59]

    Nice event!

  • digaogame78[11-12-2019 23:23]

    Tem um nome ali que ta errado no Mysterious Digiegg [LV4~5] Alpha tem dois keramon ali o de baixo ali e o Kamemon. E Parabéns Game king e DMO Evento muito bom

  • Roukera[11-12-2019 23:01]

    Nice! An event like this will actually make me want to login every day.

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