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CLODESHot Summer Special 50% Discount


#01. Hot Summer Special 50% Discount Sales (Except Some Items)

Period: After maintenance of 23rd Jul 2019 ~ before maintenance of 30th Jul 2019

All Cash Shop items except new items added within 2 months, items on promotion and membership will be on 50% discount sales for a limited time.

- List of items that are not included in 50% discount
[Excluded Item List]
- [1+1] Rare Coin
- DigiEgg Gazimon [Millenniumon]
- DigiEgg Agumon [Millenniumon]
- Jogress Data B- Omegamon Alter-S
- Digital Hazard
- Fruit of Yggdrasil
- [Adventure] Izzy Package
- [Adventure] Joe Package
- Masters Membership [30 Days]
- Swift Digimon Boost Box
- Omegamon Package
- Omegamon Advanced Package
- Omegamon Zwart Package[NEW]
- Omegamon Zwart Advanced Package[NEW]
- Fortune Random Gift Pouch
- Blessed Fortune Random Gift Pouch
- Megidramon Package
- Megidramon Advanced Package
- Megidramon Expert Package



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  • dodorpc3[07-30-2019 14:27]

    please fix your game and THEN do this sale again

  • Javi160[07-30-2019 00:45]

    Hola, hoy acabo de cargar crown (200) y solamente me dieron 100. Me Pueden dar alguna solución rápida. Gracias

  • taichi908[07-29-2019 09:01]

    eu comprei muitas coroas ja tem 1 semana e nao ganhei nada

  • gereardo[07-27-2019 13:59]

    En barbamon siguen vendiendo item duplicado nadie los banean xq

  • Patinho2206[07-27-2019 05:42]

    cade as minhas coroas to esperando ate agora n veio faz algo a respeito

  • jhonie[07-26-2019 18:52]

    i downloaded the client, but it doesn't running, it says "failed to receive version info, please check internet connection." but i have an internet connection. please fix the launcher.

  • lol8lukario[07-26-2019 13:20]

    second time i have issues in game and no one answer my QnA, could you please do something? i was thinking about spending my at this game but due to poor assistance i'm truly disapointed

  • leonidasyalejo[07-26-2019 06:14]

    i cant charge crown pls fix it

  • kennychan93[07-26-2019 04:37]

    Gameking updates the Master MemberShip. in the jump booster include File Islan and Odaiba Maps, WareHouse and the blue megaphone x30D, Daily mission for the monthly pass with exclusive items

  • karaclee[07-26-2019 00:31]

    Hey , Nice someone use macro protector on me and i have no luck on the keyboards You are stupid because ppls jealous use this macro protectors (perso : i do have not fam i never them)

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