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CLODESThanksgiving Commemoration! 100 Days of Digimon Race


#01. Thanksgiving! 100 Days of Digimon Race

- Period: After maintenance of 12th Nov 2019 ~ 19th Feb 2020

1. About the Event
1) It is a new type of Attendance Event that proceeds for 100 days.
2) Press [E] key to open Event window in game.
3) Click on tab [Daily Check Event] from the Event window.
4) Click on toggle [100 Days of Digimon] below the tab to move to event details.
5) You can collect the reward daily when you connect, for total 100 days.
6) Rewards are rotated at every 07:00 (PST) and can be received when you press [Receive].
7) Reward item(s) will be directly inserted to your inventory when you press [Receive].
8) It cannot be received when your inventory is full. (Try again after making space)

2. Log-in Reward Items for 100 Days

※ All event reward items are character bound.

[Bug Fix]

1. The problem of Tamers in riding mode not being able to go through the portals of Tokyo-Odaiba area has been fixed.
2. The problem of Tamers getting Digimon's Bionic Energy instead of Digital Energy from Odaiba Reward Box [Groundramon] has been fixed.



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  • angemon373[11-17-2019 05:21]

    Can u make pieces from vice like rb?, i mean 1 ygd=2 dexmemo, 1 venom= 2 myo or 1 myo = 1 skull idk something like that it will be so cool

  • riubir[11-16-2019 14:23]

    yeah last update screw scanning, mercenaries give useless food and mystery give no more level 5

  • Ootarion[11-15-2019 08:25]

    Please do something to the Omegamon X Alpha piece quest.....that quest is WAY to demanding and shouldn't demand more then two weeks of a person's time at LEAST, a week a most.

  • sayajinlendario[11-15-2019 04:50]

    v-dramon 5/5 please!

  • notathroughroad[11-15-2019 02:27]

    Hi GM, answer my ticket please. This is the third time I've refiled it. You said there was a 3-month time limit before you cannot help me anymore... I've been waiting over a month for your reply...

  • broodmather[11-15-2019 01:22]

    i failed this fking macro 3 times and got ban for 1h in exp map .... really fk you

  • kakablas1234[11-15-2019 01:12]

    No necesitamos "character-bound egg roll"; queremos CORES para JOLLERIA / CLON / CHIPS .... gracias

  • kakablas1234[11-15-2019 01:05]

    Hola, buen día... hasta ayer estaban dando cores por los egg del evento, ya que a algunos ya tenemos repetidas... y los escaneamos por cores ya que son en el juego; cores para joyeria,clon,para tod

  • monochrome[11-15-2019 00:17]

    Hmm... yesterday when I scanned the eggs from the event, I got tradable digicores. Today, I got a character-bound egg roll. There was a maintenance earlier, wasn't there? I winder what else changed?

  • herbit1234[11-14-2019 22:34]

    This game after this event is safe dead

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