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Digimon Masters FAQ

The FAQ page lists the more common questions of players. If you have a specific game content question, please select the game option to view the corresponding FAQ Section. Using the Search function can greatly help to find your issue.

31 Payment What is a Chargeback?

'Chargeback' is when a player purchases Crowns but we, GameKing, does not receive the payment. When this occurs, the accountof the corresponding player will be blocked.

30 Account Can you unblock my account? (Use of Illegal Program)

If your account was blocked due to use of illegal program(s), it will not be unblocked under any circumstances.

29 Account I get a message that says the account is not acces...

When you attempt to connect to the server, the account may not be accessible for due to the following.
① The account has been suspended due to illegal activities as set forth in the Terms and Conditions.
② Invalid password was entered 3 times or more. The account is not accessible while the account is suspended. Log in to our homepage to find out why your account has been suspended.

28 Payment Can I get refund for my cyber money?

No refunds are available, and all users must agree to the terms and conditions. You can also refer to the Payment Policy under item mall, located on the menu bar. However, if you have requested and received a refund through PayPal under exceptional circumstances, please be advised that your account is permanently suspended. For detailed information on the refund policy, please refer to Article 5 (Service fee) of Chapter 2 Service use agreement.

27 Payment What do I do if my account has been blocked due to chargeback?

We can only remove the suspension on an account when we receive a direct notification from our payment partners. 1) The chargeback has been resolved and the payment received. 2) The valid card/account holder has cancelled the claim. In order to remove the suspension on your account, you must first contact the payment partner whose service you used to purchase cyber money. And you must resolved the initial chargeback. Once the chargeback has been resolved, you can give the partner company your transaction ID and request them to send us the notification to Only a direct e-mail notification from our payment partners is considered a proof. Once the e-mail has been received, the suspension is removed as soon as it is confirmed.

26 Account How many accounts can I create?

You may have up to 10 accounts per IP address.

25 Payment What is the "Extra Block-related Chargeback" message?

We do not ourselves analyze or process the payment but instead, that is done for us by our payment gateway partners. They have either: 

1) Received a chargeback claim from the valid card holder that this was not an authorized transaction.
2) Was notified that there are not enough funds available from that account.
3) Found other suspicious activity or history of activity from the Paypal account or financial information related to that account

These are the cases in which the payment gateway (Ex: Paypal, ClickandBuy and so on) will often notify us that the transaction: 

1)  is being  held pending an investigation, at which time we immediately freeze the Digimon Masters Online accounts as well.  If the investigation clears the transaction,  the block will be lifted. If not the block continues.
2)  has a chargeback claim filed by the valid cardholder, at which time we immediately freeze the Digimon Ma

24 Account I can't access my account after failing at the image authentication or entering an invalid password

Entering invalid image characters or the account password 3 times or more, the account is temporarily suspended for 10 minutes for account protection. During this suspension, access to the server is restricted and you may log in to the server after 10 minutes.

23 Payment What is PayPal?

PayPal is one of the payment solution provider you can use to purchase cyber money. You will need a paypal account in order to use their services. Please go to to create an account.

22 Account How do I delete my account?

Once an account has been created, it cannot be manually deleted. The only way it will is when it is inactive for a long period of time and is wiped from our game(s). If you'd like, we can permanently block your account if requested. However, it will not be retrievable under any circumstances. Please think twice before deciding.

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