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[Patch Note] Patch Note_160510

Hello, Tamers!
We announce Game Patch Note on May 10, 2016 (Tue).

1. Tamers on all servers will get below item as a reward for Server Maintenance.

2. The issue that inventory/storage was locked when you were switching channels 
   or moving while items were being sorted has been resolved
3. The termination issue that the client terminated itself when you closed the 
   UI during Scan has been resolved
4. The stats of size and height for specific Digimons are properly re-configured 
   (V-mon, Dorumon, MetalGreymon)
5. The issue that the event reward did not arrive even after you had met the condition 
   for Friend Recommendation has been resolved..
6. Misspelling for maps has been corrected.
7. The clerical error for Spirit of Iron Digiom has been corrected.
8. The shortcut issue that shortcuts for Tamer/Digivice/etc are not available when using 
   Cash Shop has been resolved
9. The consignment shop issue that an item cannot be retrieved at specific price. 

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