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[Patch] Patch Note_160614

Hello, Tamers!

We announce Game Patch Note on May 24, 2016 (Tue).

1.Tamers on all servers will get below item as a reward for Server Maintenance..

2. In Cash Shop, shortcut is disabled: pressing a hot key does not pop up any UI.
3. The wrong value issue in the consignment shop has been solved.
4. The text of “Appearance” is changed to “On”, when a field boss Digimon is shown up.
5. The issue that an item of ChangeTamerName is not usable in Friend Recommendation has been solved.
6. The list update issue with the item of ChangeTamerName has been solved.
7. The animation/effects of Apocalymon’s attacks have been modified.
8. The basic effect of Apocalymon has been changed.
9. The wing effect of DarkDramon has been modified.
10.The text for Examon Riding mode has been corrected.
11.The consignment shop issue that the Tamer can still move, but Digimon is not appearing has been solved.


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