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[Patchnote] New Platform, New Challenge_151027
Hello. Tamers!
We announce Game Patch Note on Oct 27, 2015 (Tue)
1. New Digimon. Examon is updated!
1) Process to evolve into Examon
   ① Prepare both level 41 Dracomon(Blue) and Dracomon(Green), those Digimons have an opened
        Mega Evolution Form Slot.
   ② Complete Jogress Quest for each Digimon.
   ③ Equip Jogress Chip in Digivice.
   ④ Set a Digimon as leader which has low level among two Digimons, other Digimon for Jogress puts
        into Digivice.
   ⑤ Evolve into Examon.
2) Condition to evolve into Examon – Digimon
    - Both level 41 Dracomon(Blue) and Dracomon(Green) are necessary, those Digimons have an opened
      Mega Evolution Form Slot.
    - A Digimon is set as leader, and other Digimon has to be in Digivice.
    - Hatched level of Digimon is not related with Examon Evolution.
3) Condition to evolve into Examon – Chipset
    - Jogress chip is necessary to evolve into Examon as same as another Jogress evolution form.
    - Please equip Jogress chip on your Digivice.
     ※ There are two type of Jogress chip. First type’s Jogress chip is just spent & disappeared for each
          Jogress. And second type’s Jogress chip isn’t disappeared, even tamer use it for a certain date.
     ※ Jogress chip cannot be duplicated with another Jogress chip.
     ※ Jogress chip is used also for all Jogress evolution form.
4) Level limitation to evolve into Examon
    - Examon status is affected only Digimon which has lower level than other one.
      That’s why, Digimon which has lower level than other one has to be as a leader among
      Dracomon(Blue) and Dracomon(Green).
5) Exp distribution with Examon Evolution form
     - Digimon which has lower level than other one can only get Exp with Examon Evolution form,
       because all of status, hatched level, etc is based on the Low level Digimon.
6) Status with Examon Evolution form
    - All of the low level Digimon’s status become a standard, and also applied.
    - All Status, reinforcement, hatched level etc (The low level Digimon has) is also affected to Examon.
7) Digimon change while evolved into Examon
    - Digimon cannot be changed into other one while evolved into Examon.
      Please refer to the information, and if you would like to change other Digimon, you must cancel
      Examon Evolution form first.
8) If tamers have over 2 Digimon[Drcomon(Blue) or (Green)] when try to evolve into Examon
 - Digimon which has lower level than other one is used for the Examon Evolution..
2. New Digimon. Kaiser Greymon is updated.
Name Kaiser Greymon
Description A Digimon that possesses power over flame which is said to have surpassed even the might of the legendary Ten Warriors. The Digimon can bear the power of the nine dragon’s veins and also can control it.
Evolution form Hybrid form (Hyper Spirit Evolution)
Attribute Vaccine
Family Attribute Nso, WG
Nature Attribute Fire
Skill 1 Hikuzuryuujin (Short distance for single enemy)
Skill 2 Enryugeki (Long distance for single enemy)
Skill 3 Kuzuryujin (Wide Range)
3. Tamer skill is newly added and existing skill is renewed.
   - Please check our event section of Digimon Masters website for more detail 
4. New item “ Growth Fruit “ is updated.
   - It makes 125% Digimon Size.
   - If tamers use another Fruit after used Growth Fruit, Digimon Size is re-affected according to
     first hatched Level from Digiegg.
5. Level limitation removed for Item dropped. 
6. When try to change other tamer, channel is re-connected automatically.
7. Graphic Shader Fix.
   - Some Digimon Masters user who has low graphic setting experienced that both Digimon and
     NPC graphics are abnormal brightness to play. The problem is fixed.
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