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[Patchnote] Bug fixed &; Server stabilization
Hello. Tamers!
We inform of Game Patch Note on October 20, 2015 (Tue)
1. Fixed Game client DC when purchasing is failed in Cashshop.
2. Maintenance Reward coin non-providing issue is resolved.
    -Non-provided Maintenance Reward coin can be received until Oct 31, 2015.
    -Re-provided Maintenance Reward coin has expiration date and it can't be received if the date is
     (No more retreving service for it)
3. Fixed Number location of items(Digiegg) which is registered to scan. 
    (Expressed on abnormal location if the number has over three figures.)
4. Fixed Game client DC while trade (inventory moving, merging, distribution) 
5. Fixed a problem which abnormal message is showed up when do request again for party
    as soon as cancel previous request for party.
6. Default on Interface setting is changed (Rotation Method, Distance, Auto Rotating speed, Costume)
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