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[Notice] Winners' Comments on the Arena Podium (Season 14)

Hello Tamers.

This is an announcement of the Arena Winners! The winners' comments will be shown throughout the season.
For each server, the Tamers who are ranked as the top 3 from Arena Season 14 will have their characters standing on the Podium.

The top 3 rankers of Season 14 are as follows:
(Server, Title, Tamer name, Guild Name)

Leviamon <Season 14 1st Rank> DarkEmp3ror <BlackJack>
Leviamon <Season 14 2nd Rank> Dragon_Blaze <XxMalaysiaxX>
Leviamon <Season 14 3rd Rank> Wallenstein <New Age+>
Lucemon <Season 14 1st Rank> Anatomy <Revolutionary>
Lucemon <Season 14 2nd Rank> Vessalius <Vesperia>
Lucemon <Season 14 3rd Rank> Rochefort <Revolutionary>
Lilithmon <Season 14 1st Rank> Xcaliburs <RIN>
Lilithmon <Season 14 2nd Rank> BeatX <TheDarkZone>
Lilithmon <Season 14 3rd Rank> Astrild <AggroFighters>
Barbamon <Season 14 1st Rank> Zi_O <Defensial>
Barbamon <Season 14 2nd Rank> arann <JandaKembang>
Barbamon <Season 14 3rd Rank> Heraz <JandaKembang>
Beelzebumon <Season 14 1st Rank> MisterChow <Death Haven>
Beelzebumon <Season 14 2nd Rank> Wulhood <Death Haven>
Beelzebumon <Season 14 3rd Rank> MisterThings <UnknownClan>
Omegamon <Season 14 1st Rank> Edelyne <BanLacky>
Omegamon <Season 14 2nd Rank> Antariiss <HolyGuardiansX>
Omegamon <Season 14 3rd Rank> Bouros <HolyGuardiansX>

If your Tamer name is in the list above, please contact us through QnA for the podium comment.

1. Visit http://dmo.gameking.com/main
2. Log-in with your account.
3. Support > My QnA
4. Click on [Contact Support] from below.
5. Provide the ticket with the comment you would like to show!
6. Show us the image of your Tamer character: click "Attach File" to attach an image file to the ticket.

* Please submit the podium comment by October 26th, Tuesday.
* You must log-in with your own account when sending in the podium comment.
* Please include "[Arena Winner]" in the beginning of the title of your ticket.
* If the comment includes inappropriate contents (ex: abusive, discriminatory remarks, etc), we may decline to upload it.
* Comment cannot exceed 500 characters (alphabets).
* Default comment will be displayed for those who did not send the comment.
(default: "I'm Black_Panther(Tamer name) of guild Wakanda(guild name)!")