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CLODES40% Surplus Crown Event! (Gameking ONLY)

Hello Tamers!

There will be a limited Surplus Crown Event!
[Event Period: 14:00:00 Jun 22nd(Thu) ~ 14:00:00 Jun 27th(Tue), 2017 Gameking Standard Time(GMT+9)]

Only during the event period, we have surprise 40% Surplus Crown Event for all of payment!

Do not miss this chance to get additional Crown!

Real Perchase Normal Bonus → 40% Bonus Crown
50 Crown 0 → 20 Crown
100 Crown 0 → 40 Crown
300 Crown 0 → 120 Crown
500 Crown 25 → 225 Crow
700 Crown  50 → 330 Crow
1000 Crown 100 → 500 Crown


*How to join this promotion

1. Click “CROWN CHARGE” on DMO website

2. Check the price of each Merchandise & purchase it having more bonus Crown!

※ Note
- This event is only for GameKing members, and members of Aeria Games and Steam can’t join event.
- All of Crown Goods cannot be refunded after purchase.
- If we find anyone who do Chargeback, system or event abusing, 
  some penalty can be given to the relevant account based on our operation policy.

Thank you!



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  • xXxjhosepxXx[06-23-2017 10:05]

    all comend but dont see this event will start [Event Period: 14:00:00 Jun 22nd(Thu) ~ 14:00:00 Jun 27th(Tue), 2017 Gameking Standard Time(GMT+9)]

  • tsonade[06-23-2017 05:16]

    pls G.M im back in game but dont giv me Back Box Why

  • LucWinds7[06-23-2017 05:09]

    There's a plus on the Crowns? I don't see that on the charge station.... Looks like ever

  • GaurdOfDigimons[06-23-2017 02:43]

    Is this event already going on? I don't see any bonus crowns when clicking on crown charge on this website. Do I just purchase it without seeing bonus crowns and get bonus crowns anyways?

  • k357[06-23-2017 00:03]

    I dont see any bonus crown on 50 crown for real

  • k357[06-23-2017 00:03]

    I dont see any bonus crown on 50 crown for real

  • vintmul[06-22-2017 22:58]

    Ugh I just bought Crowns :/ Now I have to buy more... Atleast I have a good reason this time heheheh :P

  • FelipeMcIlrath[06-22-2017 15:17]

    Add items discount 1time per month (example: July : discount all item expansion. September : all BM. October : all digi eggs etc. Apply bonus crown to ALL CHARGE. Use you brain Gameking Team.

  • titanpro1st[06-22-2017 15:07]

    yesterday i buy crown and now event crown.... zzzz GM

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