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CLODES40% Surplus Crown Event! (Gameking ONLY)

Hello Tamers!

There will be a limited Surplus Crown Event!
[Event Period: 14:00:00 Jun 22nd(Thu) ~ 14:00:00 Jun 27th(Tue), 2017 Gameking Standard Time(GMT+9)]

Only during the event period, we have surprise 40% Surplus Crown Event for all of payment!

Do not miss this chance to get additional Crown!

Real Perchase Normal Bonus → 40% Bonus Crown
50 Crown 0 → 20 Crown
100 Crown 0 → 40 Crown
300 Crown 0 → 120 Crown
500 Crown 25 → 225 Crow
700 Crown  50 → 330 Crow
1000 Crown 100 → 500 Crown


*How to join this promotion

1. Click “CROWN CHARGE” on DMO website

2. Check the price of each Merchandise & purchase it having more bonus Crown!

※ Note
- This event is only for GameKing members, and members of Aeria Games and Steam can’t join event.
- All of Crown Goods cannot be refunded after purchase.
- If we find anyone who do Chargeback, system or event abusing, 
  some penalty can be given to the relevant account based on our operation policy.

Thank you!



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  • adrianoscjunior[06-24-2017 02:54]

    "Your session has expired. Please get back to the game and retry your payment. Error code: 00040001" that's the number of the error,please FIX IT!

  • Car30000000[06-24-2017 01:41]

    "Something went wrong",here is the same

  • FreeSignDown[06-24-2017 01:41]

    "Something went wrong",for me too

  • adrianoscjunior[06-23-2017 23:29]

    "Something went wrong",that's what appears to me 😤

  • Hotomitsu[06-23-2017 21:21]

    for my its not showing the extra coins when you look at them or only after i purshe them i get the extra ?

  • lunakain[06-23-2017 11:55]

    If u cant fix the carding dc loading screen thin just let us card where aver a gin and let people that can and want to card in the safe space theres less people in the game with so many servers now

  • lunakain[06-23-2017 11:50]

    If u wont fix the prob plz sell this game to some co thats willing to .I know if that carding map dc and sovern dungeon dc is not fixed soo ill quit and never play agin till the next co buys this.

  • lunakain[06-23-2017 11:49]

    Also add back that we can card anywhere so stupid to only have 1 carding map.And i know a good bit of players cant even card because they also get dced.

  • lunakain[06-23-2017 11:47]

    I cant even card or do 2 of the sovern dungeons because i get dced on the loading screen.Only can do the baihumon dungeon.Downloading the game agin dont work.Clearly something on gamekings end

  • lunakain[06-23-2017 11:45]

    nice i guess but how about u fix the prob of people un able to card because they get dced tring to go there.

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