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#01. [X-Antibody Digimon – Digimon X-Evolution Part.1]

Mastive Update: Digimon X-Evolution Part1
Part1- Summing-Up

- X-Evolution system, UI change and aura only for X-Evolution(Digimon info, Digivolution tree)
- New map area added (Verdandi Terminal), 13 kind of Raid Bosses
- Debuff on new area, 100 kind of quest and hidden quests
- 7 kind of DIgimons that can Digivolve into X-Antibody type
- 3 events and 9 promotions related update


Digimon X-Evolution Part1-1

  • X-Evolution system
    • XAI system equipment
      • Digivice-like new system
      • X-Gauge activated when equip and X-Evolution slots expands
    • Unlocking of Digivolution slot of each X-Antibody Digimons
      • Unlock slot by using each Digimon’s [X-Antibody Factor : “Digimon name”] item
      • Only able to unlock while previous slot of Digivolution step is unlocked
    • Digivolution
      • If slot is unlocked, Digimon can Digivolve to each X-Antibody type
        Possible example) GreymonX -> MetalgreymonX
        Impossible example) Metalgreymon -> MetalgreymonX
        X-Evolution comsumes certain tamer’s X-Gauge and consuming gauge is higher when Digimon Digivoles into higher step
    • Maintaining Evolution
      • X-Gauge is continually consumed after Digivolution
      • Gauge can be restored by using “X-Antibody” item
      • Maximum amount of X-Gauge depends on the spec of “XAI”
    • Crystal
      • Tamers can exchange fixed amount(500) of X-gauge into a crystal by clicking empty crystal slots
      • Maximum amount of X-Crystal depends on the spec of “XAI”
  • Area : Verdandi Terminal
    • Condition and how to enter
      • Reach partner Digimon’s level to 99
      • Able to enter [Verdandi Terminal] area through Mary NPC at D-Terminal (Entrance fee : 1M)
    • Area debuff: X-Program
      • Always get debuff in Verdandi Terminal area(X-Program)
        • Debuff effect : Reduce 300 HP per 4 second, Reduce Attack & Defense by 50%
      • How to remove the debuff : 1st way (Only for X-Antibody Digimons)
        • [Evolve to X-Antibody type]: Obtain from enemy Digimon at Verdandi Terminal. Debuff is inactivated while maintaining X-Exolution
      • How to remove the debuff : 2nd way (For not X-Antibody Digimons)
        •  [X-Protector]: Obtain by completing daily quest at Verdandi Terminal. Deactivates X-Program’s effect for limited time
      • How to remove the debuff : 3rd way (For all Digimons)
        •  [Temporarily deactivate debuff]: Tamers can get buff that can deactivate debuff for 1 hour by defeating Raid boss - Omegamon
    • Field Raid
      • Total 13 kind of Raid monsters appears at Verdandi Terminal
      • Fixed spawning [Respawned 5 hours after defeated]
        • Omegamon
      • Randomly spawning [Respawned 4 hours after defeated]
        • LordKnightmon, Craniummon, Dynasmon, Sleipmon, UlforceVeedramon, Examon

Exception) DexDoruGreymon: [Respawned 8 hours after defeated]

  • Appears after defeating certain amount of enemy Digimons
    • Dorugoramon, GranDracmon, TigerVespamon, GrandisKuwagamon


  • Quests
    • Tamers can experience about 100 main and sub quests related X-Antibody Digimons, like Yggdrasil’s plan and function of X-Program
    • Hidden story of X-Antibody can be founded by hidden quests
    • Starting point of Main quest : Richard Sampson located at DATS Center area


  • Able to obtain Seal Master at Verdandi Terminal area

  • X-Antibody Digimon
    • Basic information
      • Much more powerful status than standard type when evolved, X-Antibody-only aura
      • Digimon information display changes into X-Antibody-only background and Digivolution tree
    • Detailed information
      • X-Antibody Digimon information (Same skill effects)

※ More updates coming soon!


  • How to get X-Antibody Digimons?
    • General
      • Get the X-Antibody Factor Exchange Ticket by raid and exchanging X-Antibody Factor
  • Collect Exchange Ticket and exchange ticket to certain X-Antibody factor by visiting Digitamamon(at Verdandi Terminal) and PawnchessmonW(at D-Terminal)
  • Get X-Antibody factor by scanning Mysterious X-Antibody Factor
  • Open the X-Antibody evolution slot to each Digimon which can evolve
  • Alphamon Ouryuken
    • Condition 1: Tamer Level 99
    • Condition 2: Dorumon (Reptiledramon) Level 99, Alphamon (X-anti) slot opened
    • Condition 3: OuRyuumon Level 99, OuRyuumon (X-anti) slot opened


  • - Dorumon : Use [X-Antibody Factor: Alphamon Ouryuken – Alpha] after complete Jogress X quests
  • - Ryuudamon : Use [X-Antibody Factor: Alphamon Ouryuken – Beta]
  • Jogress X quest information



#01. [Saviour of NDW]
- Period: After maintenance of 28th Aug 2018 ~ before maintenance of 11th Sep 2018


  • You can get the title by defeating all Raid Digimons after accept quests by [Agumon X] NPC located at DATS Center.
  • Raid Digimon Information
  • Title Information

※ All items given from the events are non-tradable.


# 02. Check your Attendance Here! Let's Not Miss a Day!

- Gather all the rewards by logging-in Digimon Masters Online everyday.

- Period: Unlimited


[About the Attendance Check]


 - You can check the rewards of attendance check event from the "Event Contents UI" window everyday.

 - Don't forget to log-in every 28 days to claim the final attendance reward.

 - When the event cycle (28 days) is over, attendance check record will be initialized and you'll restart from the first.

 - Reward items can be received from your Cash Warehouse.

 - The rewards are character bound.


[Attendance Check Rewards]

# 03. Time is Gold!

- Period: After maintenance of 28th Aug 2018 ~ before maintenance of 11th Sep 2018

[Log-in and Claim the Rewards!]

- This event replaces the usual daily log-in time event. (limited)

- Reward item list for log-in time is as follows.



- All the rewards are untradable.

- Reward distribution time is reset every midnight (00:00) (GMT +9).

- Log-in Reward Coin can be exchanged for Mercenary DigiEgg through [Event] Yukidarumon.


# 04. Turn on the heat with burning EXP in Digimon Masters Online!

- Burning time will be applied 2 times a day to boost your EXP gaining!
- Period: Unlimited
(1) Burning Time: 500% additional EXP applied every 11:00~14:00 & 23:00 ~ 02:00 (GMT+09).

※The 500% EXP boost is a fixed value during the event time and it is not overlapped with the normal EXP boost.


# 01. Power of overcoming X-Program
- Period : After maintenance of 28th Aug 2018 ~ all times

- X-Antibody 1 ea

- X-Antibody 10 ea

- X-Antibody 50 ea


- Charge XAI’s gauge by 100 points.

# 02. Mysterious X-Antibody Factor on Sale

- Period : After maintenance of 28th Aug 2018 ~ all times
- Mysterious X-Antibody Factor

[Random list]

# 03. XAI (Digivice only for X-Antibody type) on Sale

- Period : After maintenance of 28th Aug 2018 ~ all times

- XAI Ver II Box [7 Days]

- XAI Ver II Box [15 Days]

- XAI Ver II Box [30 Days]


- Maximum Gauge 1000, 2 of X-Crystals


- XAI Ver III Box [7 Days]

- XAI Ver III Box [15 Days]

- XAI Ver III Box [30 Days]


- Maximum Gauge 2000, 3 of X-Crystals


# 04. High Class XAI (Digivice only for X-Antibody type) on Sale

- Period: After maintenance of 28th Aug 2018 ~ before maintenance of 28th Sep 2018

- XAI Ver IV Box [7 Days]

- XAI Ver IV Box [15 Days]

- XAI Ver IV Box [30 Days]


- Maximum Gauge 3000, 4 of X-Crystals

# 05. X-Antibody update celebration packages on Sale!

- Period: After maintenance of 28th Aug 2018 ~ before maintenance of 28th Sep 2018
- X-Antibody Celebration Starter Package


  • XAI Ver II Box [15 Days] * 1
  • Mysterious X-Antibody Factor * 2
  • X-Antibody * 10


- X-Antibody Celebration Expect Package


  • XAI Ver III Box [30 Days] * 1
  • Mysterious X-Antibody Factor * 3
  • X-Antibody * 25


- X-Antibody Celebration Master Package


  • XAI Ver IV Box [30 Days] * 1
  • Mysterious X-Antibody Factor * 4
  • X-Antibody * 50



# 06. X-Antibody Digimons, Assemble!

- Period: After maintenance of 28th Aug 2018 ~ before maintenance of 28th Sep 2018

- Random Reinforced DigiEgg Lv.5 [X-Antibody] on Limited sale!

[Can obtain 1 of item from the below list]

  • Agumon DigiEgg Level 5[Champion]
  • Gabumon DigiEgg Level 5[Champion]
  • Dorugamon DigiEgg Level 5[Champion]
  • Dorumon[RaptorDramon] DigiEgg Level 5[Champion]
  • DexDorugamon DigiEgg Level 5[Champion]
  • Ryudamon DigiEgg Level 5[Champion]
  • FanBeemon DigiEgg Level 5[Champion]
  • Dracmon DigiEgg Level 5[Champion]
  • Bearmon DigiEgg Level 5[Champion]


※ Based on the above list, you can also evolve your Digimon which you already have.


# 07. Golden Delicious Banana!

- Period: After maintenance of 28th Aug 2018 ~ before maintenance of 28th Sep 2018

- Sweet Gold Banana 100 ea on limited sale!

- Sweet Gold Banana 500 ea on limited sale!


  • Recover HP +4000, DS +4000





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  • Rachh[05-27-2020 16:01]

    why my character boundx ticket factor not detected in exchage ticket shop ? is it bug ?

  • blaydack[09-25-2018 11:58]

    hello move games I congratulate you on the joild of paildramon but they have to fix it the designs are ugly those designs were already in the dmo we await a nice paildramon jogress in 3d as well as si

  • LuanYukio[09-25-2018 04:33]

    not playing since a long time ago, still didnt received the welcome back prize... unistalled just after that...

  • leoannybueno[09-23-2018 07:37]

    I agree with u sfox2 the game is awesome for old n new players, just for them, bcause players in the midlle like me n many others we r worthless for Gk.

  • narrako20[09-17-2018 05:58]

    GAME GUARD IS NOT RUNING whats that sopose to mean ?? this is hapning to me evry day

  • durigachi[09-13-2018 03:50]

    problem gameguard

  • tamerb[09-11-2018 00:55]

    i'm a seraph server player......someone plz hang those aeria b***hes.....

  • MarcusTakuya[09-10-2018 11:40]

    when I enter the new map Verdandi Terminal ,I ended up taking a disconnect

  • dexec[09-10-2018 04:36]

    everytime I log all my info in and press login I dc

  • extendcore[09-09-2018 20:21]

    Still Error system ? What happened u,u

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