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#01. [X-Antibody Digimon – Digimon X-Evolution Part.1]

Mastive Update: Digimon X-Evolution Part1
Part1- Summing-Up

- X-Evolution system, UI change and aura only for X-Evolution(Digimon info, Digivolution tree)
- New map area added (Verdandi Terminal), 13 kind of Raid Bosses
- Debuff on new area, 100 kind of quest and hidden quests
- 7 kind of DIgimons that can Digivolve into X-Antibody type
- 3 events and 9 promotions related update


Digimon X-Evolution Part1-1

  • X-Evolution system
    • XAI system equipment
      • Digivice-like new system
      • X-Gauge activated when equip and X-Evolution slots expands
    • Unlocking of Digivolution slot of each X-Antibody Digimons
      • Unlock slot by using each Digimon’s [X-Antibody Factor : “Digimon name”] item
      • Only able to unlock while previous slot of Digivolution step is unlocked
    • Digivolution
      • If slot is unlocked, Digimon can Digivolve to each X-Antibody type
        Possible example) GreymonX -> MetalgreymonX
        Impossible example) Metalgreymon -> MetalgreymonX
        X-Evolution comsumes certain tamer’s X-Gauge and consuming gauge is higher when Digimon Digivoles into higher step
    • Maintaining Evolution
      • X-Gauge is continually consumed after Digivolution
      • Gauge can be restored by using “X-Antibody” item
      • Maximum amount of X-Gauge depends on the spec of “XAI”
    • Crystal
      • Tamers can exchange fixed amount(500) of X-gauge into a crystal by clicking empty crystal slots
      • Maximum amount of X-Crystal depends on the spec of “XAI”
  • Area : Verdandi Terminal
    • Condition and how to enter
      • Reach partner Digimon’s level to 99
      • Able to enter [Verdandi Terminal] area through Mary NPC at D-Terminal (Entrance fee : 1M)
    • Area debuff: X-Program
      • Always get debuff in Verdandi Terminal area(X-Program)
        • Debuff effect : Reduce 300 HP per 4 second, Reduce Attack & Defense by 50%
      • How to remove the debuff : 1st way (Only for X-Antibody Digimons)
        • [Evolve to X-Antibody type]: Obtain from enemy Digimon at Verdandi Terminal. Debuff is inactivated while maintaining X-Exolution
      • How to remove the debuff : 2nd way (For not X-Antibody Digimons)
        •  [X-Protector]: Obtain by completing daily quest at Verdandi Terminal. Deactivates X-Program’s effect for limited time
      • How to remove the debuff : 3rd way (For all Digimons)
        •  [Temporarily deactivate debuff]: Tamers can get buff that can deactivate debuff for 1 hour by defeating Raid boss - Omegamon
    • Field Raid
      • Total 13 kind of Raid monsters appears at Verdandi Terminal
      • Fixed spawning [Respawned 5 hours after defeated]
        • Omegamon
      • Randomly spawning [Respawned 4 hours after defeated]
        • LordKnightmon, Craniummon, Dynasmon, Sleipmon, UlforceVeedramon, Examon

Exception) DexDoruGreymon: [Respawned 8 hours after defeated]

  • Appears after defeating certain amount of enemy Digimons
    • Dorugoramon, GranDracmon, TigerVespamon, GrandisKuwagamon


  • Quests
    • Tamers can experience about 100 main and sub quests related X-Antibody Digimons, like Yggdrasil’s plan and function of X-Program
    • Hidden story of X-Antibody can be founded by hidden quests
    • Starting point of Main quest : Richard Sampson located at DATS Center area


  • Able to obtain Seal Master at Verdandi Terminal area

  • X-Antibody Digimon
    • Basic information
      • Much more powerful status than standard type when evolved, X-Antibody-only aura
      • Digimon information display changes into X-Antibody-only background and Digivolution tree
    • Detailed information
      • X-Antibody Digimon information (Same skill effects)

※ More updates coming soon!


  • How to get X-Antibody Digimons?
    • General
      • Get the X-Antibody Factor Exchange Ticket by raid and exchanging X-Antibody Factor
  • Collect Exchange Ticket and exchange ticket to certain X-Antibody factor by visiting Digitamamon(at Verdandi Terminal) and PawnchessmonW(at D-Terminal)
  • Get X-Antibody factor by scanning Mysterious X-Antibody Factor
  • Open the X-Antibody evolution slot to each Digimon which can evolve
  • Alphamon Ouryuken
    • Condition 1: Tamer Level 99
    • Condition 2: Dorumon (Reptiledramon) Level 99, Alphamon (X-anti) slot opened
    • Condition 3: OuRyuumon Level 99, OuRyuumon (X-anti) slot opened


  • - Dorumon : Use [X-Antibody Factor: Alphamon Ouryuken – Alpha] after complete Jogress X quests
  • - Ryuudamon : Use [X-Antibody Factor: Alphamon Ouryuken – Beta]
  • Jogress X quest information



#01. [Saviour of NDW]
- Period: After maintenance of 28th Aug 2018 ~ before maintenance of 11th Sep 2018


  • You can get the title by defeating all Raid Digimons after accept quests by [Agumon X] NPC located at DATS Center.
  • Raid Digimon Information
  • Title Information

※ All items given from the events are non-tradable.


# 02. Check your Attendance Here! Let's Not Miss a Day!

- Gather all the rewards by logging-in Digimon Masters Online everyday.

- Period: Unlimited


[About the Attendance Check]


 - You can check the rewards of attendance check event from the "Event Contents UI" window everyday.

 - Don't forget to log-in every 28 days to claim the final attendance reward.

 - When the event cycle (28 days) is over, attendance check record will be initialized and you'll restart from the first.

 - Reward items can be received from your Cash Warehouse.

 - The rewards are character bound.


[Attendance Check Rewards]

# 03. Time is Gold!

- Period: After maintenance of 28th Aug 2018 ~ before maintenance of 11th Sep 2018

[Log-in and Claim the Rewards!]

- This event replaces the usual daily log-in time event. (limited)

- Reward item list for log-in time is as follows.



- All the rewards are untradable.

- Reward distribution time is reset every midnight (00:00) (GMT +9).

- Log-in Reward Coin can be exchanged for Mercenary DigiEgg through [Event] Yukidarumon.


# 04. Turn on the heat with burning EXP in Digimon Masters Online!

- Burning time will be applied 2 times a day to boost your EXP gaining!
- Period: Unlimited
(1) Burning Time: 500% additional EXP applied every 11:00~14:00 & 23:00 ~ 02:00 (GMT+09).

※The 500% EXP boost is a fixed value during the event time and it is not overlapped with the normal EXP boost.


# 01. Power of overcoming X-Program
- Period : After maintenance of 28th Aug 2018 ~ all times

- X-Antibody 1 ea

- X-Antibody 10 ea

- X-Antibody 50 ea


- Charge XAI’s gauge by 100 points.

# 02. Mysterious X-Antibody Factor on Sale

- Period : After maintenance of 28th Aug 2018 ~ all times
- Mysterious X-Antibody Factor

[Random list]

# 03. XAI (Digivice only for X-Antibody type) on Sale

- Period : After maintenance of 28th Aug 2018 ~ all times

- XAI Ver II Box [7 Days]

- XAI Ver II Box [15 Days]

- XAI Ver II Box [30 Days]


- Maximum Gauge 1000, 2 of X-Crystals


- XAI Ver III Box [7 Days]

- XAI Ver III Box [15 Days]

- XAI Ver III Box [30 Days]


- Maximum Gauge 2000, 3 of X-Crystals


# 04. High Class XAI (Digivice only for X-Antibody type) on Sale

- Period: After maintenance of 28th Aug 2018 ~ before maintenance of 28th Sep 2018

- XAI Ver IV Box [7 Days]

- XAI Ver IV Box [15 Days]

- XAI Ver IV Box [30 Days]


- Maximum Gauge 3000, 4 of X-Crystals

# 05. X-Antibody update celebration packages on Sale!

- Period: After maintenance of 28th Aug 2018 ~ before maintenance of 28th Sep 2018
- X-Antibody Celebration Starter Package


  • XAI Ver II Box [15 Days] * 1
  • Mysterious X-Antibody Factor * 2
  • X-Antibody * 10


- X-Antibody Celebration Expect Package


  • XAI Ver III Box [30 Days] * 1
  • Mysterious X-Antibody Factor * 3
  • X-Antibody * 25


- X-Antibody Celebration Master Package


  • XAI Ver IV Box [30 Days] * 1
  • Mysterious X-Antibody Factor * 4
  • X-Antibody * 50



# 06. X-Antibody Digimons, Assemble!

- Period: After maintenance of 28th Aug 2018 ~ before maintenance of 28th Sep 2018

- Random Reinforced DigiEgg Lv.5 [X-Antibody] on Limited sale!

[Can obtain 1 of item from the below list]

  • Agumon DigiEgg Level 5[Champion]
  • Gabumon DigiEgg Level 5[Champion]
  • Dorugamon DigiEgg Level 5[Champion]
  • Dorumon[RaptorDramon] DigiEgg Level 5[Champion]
  • DexDorugamon DigiEgg Level 5[Champion]
  • Ryudamon DigiEgg Level 5[Champion]
  • FanBeemon DigiEgg Level 5[Champion]
  • Dracmon DigiEgg Level 5[Champion]
  • Bearmon DigiEgg Level 5[Champion]


※ Based on the above list, you can also evolve your Digimon which you already have.


# 07. Golden Delicious Banana!

- Period: After maintenance of 28th Aug 2018 ~ before maintenance of 28th Sep 2018

- Sweet Gold Banana 100 ea on limited sale!

- Sweet Gold Banana 500 ea on limited sale!


  • Recover HP +4000, DS +4000





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  • digikaisermon[08-29-2018 20:16]

    No control in game Players rush Raids in new map alot of players in omegamon raid produce alot of lag cant atack him and some players use psc bot to kill him i cant see omegamon raid

  • groovytastee[08-29-2018 18:48]

    Cant login stuck in entering in the game finishes the loading screen than crashes. Omegamon server

  • LoMac1[08-29-2018 18:11]

    I'm at the same oppinion as "akabanekarma11". Ok server closes, we understand, but players should get a chance to keep their well earned accounts. I would buy a server change item if thats the case.

  • akabanekarma11[08-29-2018 15:23]

    If there is a solution, or compensation, if that bad news happen, all players of admo, serap, a server transfer is good, and we all be grateful rather than, our accounts fade, deleted or lost.

  • akabanekarma11[08-29-2018 15:17]

    how about the players who paid AP, and active players who stays online just to maintain the server. thank you for the response but please inform all of us players of admo..

  • akabanekarma11[08-29-2018 15:14]

    thank you for the response gameking. if that bad news happen, what will be of all of the accounts/players of admo? serap we dont have any compensation, like our account will be transfer in gdmo?

  • gregorius321[08-29-2018 15:08]

    failed to receive resource data, pls fix this it's still happening a lot

  • drags[08-29-2018 13:17]

    Please fix the sharestash what ever.... cant enter game at all,second day now.... Omegamon server!!!!

  • MarioBrossX[08-29-2018 13:11]

    Please help me, if you can fix bug sharestashindex=7, id=0. or tell me what´s that? please

  • akabanekarma11[08-29-2018 12:07]

    Gameking don't ignore admo, seraphimon server, when is our patch? x evo and new map? please don't ignore other players, and do not focus on gdmo only..thank you for response.

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