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FINISHEDCelebrating 5th anniversary of Digimon Masters Online!

Hello, Tamers!

25th Oct 2016, today is the 5th anniversary of Digimon Masters Online!

We sincerely appreciate all tamers who play Digimon Masters Online, and
we will make our best effort to improve your gaming environment!

For celebrating the 5th anniversary of DMO, we will have a little event 
for tamers who consistently show their love to the game.


Event Details

Date : approximately at 6 PM of 25th Oct, and 10 AM of 26th Oct.

(Based on Gameking Standard Time, GMT+9)

Place : Yokohama East Village - Channel 1 - for all servers

Content : Face various raid monsters in the real world village!


Again, special thanks to all the tamers of DMO!
Digimon Masters Online and Gameking will promise to 
provide you the best service, contents and updates!

Thank you.

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  • apadong329[10-30-2016 07:49]

    i,m not on purpose deleted my mono mark, can i get the item back ?, because I really need it. Help me please get back my mono mark. IGN/Nickname : XIHadesIX Server : Leviamon And Sorry for My Bad En

  • xMercenaRioBR[10-30-2016 03:45]

    G14e09 * Trade Hack stole 3 Crystal Exp 2 hours will ban this hack useless or vain let him steal more?

  • LeoEXter[10-29-2016 15:55]

    I hate this game so much.. so I'm out!!! Waste my time and money just to hatch one Digimon egg... yet nothing was 'hatchie'.... SHIT!!!

  • sootiestguitar8[10-29-2016 09:25]

    Hi i recently achieved tamer level 50 and i didnt recieve any reward, if you could give me the rewards i will be very thankful Name: Jeremy8 Sv: Lucemon thanks

  • Z03[10-27-2016 06:19]

    And I still can not play because the character stuck in black screen

  • awesomeboys23[10-26-2016 17:07]

    Happy B-day DMO :D. Hope you will manage to get everybody to love you again :). (Can I get a archive please? XD)

  • egivoundection[10-26-2016 15:58]

    Happy birthday DMO thanks for this really nice event where a digi pls give me egg veedramon 5/5 dex5/5 gladimon 5/5 ex vmoon 5/5 patamon 5/5 salamon/lilitmont 5/5 lucemon 5/5 .thanks before

  • amakusakun[10-26-2016 13:51]

    everyone die AT LEAST 5 times

  • amakusakun[10-26-2016 13:50]

    the information of announcement sucks, no GM was present for shout the beginning of the event and was a moronic event, you summoned 5 lucemon at the same time -_-

  • joel0708[10-26-2016 11:21]

    That event was a shit. End.

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